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  1. In fact, the obfuscators are working quite well...

    For example, try to obfuscate your file via (they even have a GUI program for bulk processing) and after that,...
  2. For what i can remember, this was caused by the grouping feature. Not using it should clear the console.
    It was many months ago, but i can remember i solved it applying the groupping via the store...
  3. oops, my stupid, thanks.
  4. Hello,
    how can i get an array of all the instantiated tooltips in the app using component query - regardles off whether they are visible or not?
  5. Exactly.
    That is why, i think that the API docs for model.get() could be additionally clarified.!/api/

    It now says that the get()...
  6. So, in this case, is the "field_4" a real field, I mean an instance, or should be seen as simple key: value pairs from the response object?
  7. Replies
    in the release notes from the recent documentation for

    is mentioned that:

    EXTJS-15785 Loading XML can result in...
  8. And besides my initial question, i have prepared a fiddle with interesting results.

    In short, the fiddle defines a model (with 3 fields), creates a store using this model and loads the store....
  9. Hi, recently updated one of my test apps from to the latest and noticed that we can not use property.

    Can you please explain why is that?
  10. Thanks.
    focusOnToFront: false is my decision in this case.

    Just curious why it is performing different with 5.1.1.

    To be honest, i understood very little from the Call Stack in the debugger,...
  11. Well, you can take a look at the fiddle below.

    I configured the field with allowBlank: false, so that losing the focus will mark the field as invalid - just for visual confirmation.

    The result...
  12. Hi guys,
    can you please tell me what is the expected behavior in the following situation:

    I have a form panel with a textfield, which i want to be auto-focused when the form panel is rendered.
  13. Interesting, didn't know about this auto-buffering. Does this apply also for Ext 4.x?

    To be honest, immediately after reading this, i made a try with a simple table with ~ 20000 rows (just simple...
  14. As far as i can see - the normal (unbuffered) grid in 5.x uses table-per-row (and the buffered one in 4.x does not), so i don't think it is related to the buffering.

    Obviously, it's up to the...
  15. Hi guys, i found this in the recent documentation FAQs:

    Does Ext JS 5 render tables faster than ExtJS 4? Is the performance...
  16. Any preliminary details about it or we must wait for SenchaCon?
  17. So - seems you forgot my initial post on the thread, Mitchel :)
    There are no problems if all is returned as expected.

    As i wrote in red, the first load returns invalid JSON (due to an unexpected...
  18. Well, to be clear:

    1. Store loaded normally with 2 records.

    2. With 2 records visible on the grid, the filtering code (store.getFilters().add( new Ext.util.Filter({ property: 'query', value:...
  19. Well, Mitchel.
    I think i managed to track it down.

    The reason for the second call is that the paging toolbar tries to make loadPage on its store.

    And specifically - that is because the...
  20. Thanks, Joel.
    In fact, setting the clearOnSubmit: false resolved the problem, althought it's not an elegant solution.
    In the change handler function, that did the work:

    me.clearOnSubmit =...
  21. Thanks, Joel.
    I'll try this later tomorrow.

    However, I'm not sure I understood that logic.

    Why extracting the input element needs to reset its value?
    In my case I just need the input field as...
  22. Hi there, not sure if this is a bug ot expected behaviour:

    When using extractFileInput() method of Ext.form.field.File component, this triggers the change event of the field. And when i use the...
  23. Another thing that may hint:
    after the second call - the page field on the paging toolbar is set to 0 and the field is marked as invalid (but not disabled).
  24. Hello Mitchel,
    thanks for participating.

    I have tried to do the stack trace, however for some reason i was not able to execute the store.override() call - the console shows "undefined is not a...
  25. In fact - this is a normal behaviour as described here:

    However, i'm not sure i understood why?
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