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  1. Thanks for those hints. I'll play with them.
  2. Hi,

    I'm still seeing the same (or at least related?) issue: if I compile the CSS myself, without even customizing the buttons, they would result in "flat" buttons on IE9. Checking the code I see...
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    FWIW: I just updated to 1.1.1 (for subcribers only...), and this issue seems to be fixed in there. The new code looks like this:

    abort : function(request) {
    if (request &&...
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    Heh... I came here to see whether what I was seeing was a known bug... and I find your report from weeks ago, uncommented. Here's what I've found: IMHO this is a simple typo causing the failure....
  5. While I thought we had somehow worked around this issue (I haven't seen it any more in a long time), we're getting more and more complaints from our customers. Some even using the same device I am....
  6. The emulator is always slow. It doesn't compare even with a slow, real phone.
  7. Markus - check the documentation for Ext.util.Scroller - It has some parameters to change momentum behaviour.
  8. I'm trying to use some of the pseudo classes to run a query, eg.'div.x-list-item:has(.some-flag)')
    Error: SYNTAX_ERR: DOM Exception 12

    What's wrong with that?
  9. FWIW: Burke Webster has published an Ext extension to the cometd.js library.
  10. The following change would at least ignore touches outside the IndexBar's box. It doesn't prevent "loss" of a touch even though:

    Index: sencha-touch-debug.js...
  11. I have an issue with an IndexBar attached to a List which sometimes wouldn't be reset on touchend. Consequently the next touch event wouldn't trigger a tap on the list, but on the IndexBar, even if I...
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    I'm sorry I don't understand the term "taxi" :-) (non EN speaker here). Do you mean it doesn't lock up?

    I did run the mask on static page test as well. Load is around 90% whereas without the mask...
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    Well, obviously it's not :-). You'd notice if you compared.
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    did you compare a busy task with and without it?
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    I think this only becomes an issue if the process running in the background is hard on the CPU as well. Waiting for a server to send a reply etc. is no problem at all of course.

    I did run into a...
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    While a LoadMask is shown with the loading spinner, CPU load on a static screen is around 90% on my HTC Desire. Without the spinner it's <2%. Is this to be expected? Would replacing the CSS animation...
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    I'm trying to have a slider with -/+ buttons left/right of the slider itself.

    dock: 'bottom',
    xtype: 'toolbar',
    width: '100%',
    items: [
  18. Hmm.... I must admit I haven't seen any lockup in quite some time. asinc - you might want to post more information like exact Sencha version, your device details etc.
  19. Which of your changes does break things? Populating the all.elements list? The viewIndex?

    It seems to be working fine for me so far. Haven't found any issues yet.
  20. Heh... this is software, anything can be done ;-).

    Seriously: I'm sure it's possible. But I guess the complexity would be adding a performance hit again. Looking at my previous comment and what...
  21. Thanks a lot MahlerFreak! It's late over here. I'll have to review your suggestions when I've had some sleep.

    BTW: no need to unregister the onScroll handler if you set pinHeaders = false. As...
  22. I'm glad you like it. I'm sure it's still rather buggy, as I've only worked around the issues I've trapped into myself so far. Eg. the index calculation sometimes can be confusing when fetching...
  23. So... here's my approach for a BufferedList class. It's conceptually different from MahlerFreak's approach, but this doesn't hurt :-)

    - almost seamless dynamic rendering of items, no...
  24. Thanks a lot MahlerFreak! You've taken a slightly different approach than I would have, but your code reveals some great ideas. And I learned about sequences :-).

    I don't want to restrict myself...
  25. Very interesting. Today, while waiting at the train station, I've been chewing this very issue, and I had the same idea (no tests yet, just been thinking). Do you have some working code?

    One other...
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