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  1. Hi,

    I have a tab panel with few buttons in a navigation view, I want to set one of the button in the tab panel to shows a panel to cover up the whole screen (using animation cover up).

  2. Brilliant! Thanks
  3. Hi,

    Currently I have a config of tpl on my carousel like this

    config: {
    tpl: new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<tpl for=".">',
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    I'm currently learning to create my plugin, and I've came across a question, let's say my plugin code:

    Ext.define('Ext.plugin.MyPlugin', {
    extend: 'Ext.Component',
  5. I was playing with some navigation style, and I was playing with the hideAnimation, I'm settle with the NavigationView already.

    Out of curiosity, when I'm specifying the hideAnimation config, is...
  6. Hi,

    I'm doing some simple testing, I got a tab panel view and an editor view, tap on the edit button in tab panel view will show the editor view, the tab panel view will be the default view when...
  7. Hi,

    I'm trying to modify the Dataview to add in some custom dom when calling applyItemTpl, I manage to get that working, when I select on the list item, I will add some CSS and do some stuff on...
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    I'm looking for tutorial or documentation how can one develop plug-in for Sencha Touch, maybe a plug-in that extend the Panel, but with extra layer or functionality, or totally new features.
  9. Thanks for the hints!

    Checked the source and documentation, knows that I need to have the "total" (the default property) pass back from the server, what I need to do is get a count from database,...
  10. But from the example code I posted, the noMoreRecordsText did not show up, it remain "Load More...". Can you share some example or maybe can point out what went wrong with my codes.

    I'm referring...
  11. Ah, you got your point there, never thought of that scenario.

    I saw there is "noMoreRecordsText" in the config for list paging in the documentation, is that config is for the situation where I'm...
  12. Hi,

    I'm using paging plugin, and triggering from controller to load the data, it works great, but how to I let the paging plugin know that no more data is loaded, and stop displaying the load more...
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    Thanks! That helps.
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    Could you provide some code snippet on how can I make a reference call to the navigation view from my Sencha.view.ProductForm, so that I can call the setNavigationBar method?

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    I have few screens, the first screen will be the title screen, showing only logo and a tab panel docked to bottom, there are 3 more pages can be access using tab panel.

    I'm using a...
  16. Hi,

    I built a form based on the example from , I've added a selectfield, I want additional textfield/selectfield to be created based on the value...
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