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    The first column in the grid has tooltip. But this is seen only after clicking the the cell. This works fine in firefox, but has problem in chrome. I am using...
  2. Thanks, But what I want to do is,pass a title parameter from

    var chart = Ext.create('MyChart', {
    myTitle: 'My Title'

    and set that title for one of the...
  3. A simple chart extend does not work. I get this error
    Uncaught TypeError: axis.getFloating is not a function
  4. anyone got any solution? this is very important.
  5. Currently, while downloading a chart, no legend is included in it. How to do so?
  6. Sorry, this not the chart what I need.
    For a same x-axis value, there may not be value for all the lines.
  7. Is the chart similar to possible with sencha charts?
  8. See the fiddle,
    In this chart, the line color changes after 2 seconds. The marker also disappears. But if you change the framework to 5.1.x this does not work.
    Is this a bug in 5.x or this feature...
  9. I usually get this error randomly

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '$eventOptions' of null

    and this is thrown from the
    removeManagedListener method from Ext.mixin.Observable
  10. Found the solution.
    Actually it was hiding/unhiding the series with that piece of code. For hidden series, the element uses a css class that was missing. After adding this css class it worked fine....
  11. But in 4.x it works well. I am stuck here as series.hideAll() has no effect at all.
  12. chart.series.each(function (s) {

    So this code should hide if I use the legacy charts ext-charts with ExtJS 5.1.0?
    How do I use the ext-charts package in sencha fiddle? so...
  13. While using ext-charts in ExtJS 5.1.0, the code snippet below does not hide the series. But the same code does hide in ExtJS 4.2, and also using 5.1.1 with sencha-chart or at least run in the fiddle....
  14. Is this fixed? Where can I find the fix.
    If any workaround at this moment?
  15. I have answered this in another thread. This might be what you are looking for
  16. I have come up with an override for the chart

    Ext.override(Ext.chart.Chart, {
    constructor: function(config) {
    var me = this,

    config =...
  17. plugins: 'responsive',
    responsiveFormulas: {
    phone: function (context) {
    return Ext.os.deviceType == 'Phone';
    tablet: function (context) {
  18. Replies
    'str' === Ext.String.trim('str ')
    This should return true isn't?
  19. Thanks, workspace is what I needed. Still the theming is application specific. May be I can use workspace for it too. But I am stuck at the build which seems to be a bug seen somewhere in forum....
  20. Is any newer builds available with this fix?
  21. I see, the sencha command generate each and every apps independently with all required ext framework files and even more with only one theme resources. May be I am not more familiar with sencha...
  22. Are you guys looking for more information??
    please look at the pictures above. The Y-axis is not grew and the chart series is also not grew as I hid the other series.
  23. How did you make the y-axis grow? I am using v4.0.7. Is there any upgrade made for this?
    Here is my screenshot


  24. I modified the Area.js in examples/charts directory


    This file is part of Ext JS 4
  25. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox (firebug 1.8.4)

    When the column/bar charts legend items clicked to hide/unhide...
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