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  1. I'm having the same problem with the same error message. The scope is set to window and thus the method cannot be called. Did someone solve this?
  2. I fixed this problem by adding the metaData property to the response


    metaData: {
  3. I'm using perl's testing framework extensively and I love it.

    However I still didn't find a way to test my JavaScript properly. I was thinking about using the JavaScript CPAN Module (which is a...
  4. can someone please change the title of this thread to [3.1.1-rc] so the devs can pick it up and hopefully finally fix it?
  5. Sounds great.
    Do you know if this is a minor fix which can be resolved by a simple css rule? And if so, could you post it here so that I can include it in my app?

  7. Hi,

    I came across this example:

    When clicking on "Insert Image" the image chooser pops up but there is a rendering error on the combo...
  8. I have the same problem.

    Thanks for the fix.
  9. That obviously didn't make it in the 2.2.1 release /:)
  10. Hi,

    I cannot use a dot in the dataIndex attribute:

    var cm = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([{"dataIndex":"name.surname","id":"surname","header":"Name"}]);;

    The column 'Name' is left blank.

  11. I kind of fixed it. But it's not a good solution I guess:

    fieldLabel:"column label",
  12. Hi,

    I have this snippet of code:

    fieldLabel:"column label",
  13. thank you very much!

    Works fine
  14. Hello,

    using Mac OS X (10.5.3) Firefox 3 (RC2 or RC1) and dragging windows around doesn't work. Try and drag the window around after clicking...
  15. Still not working, even with Firefox RC1!
    It's definitely a Mac OS X problem since it works fine on Windows and Linux with FF3RC1.

    You should have a look at this!
  16. Sorry but this regex is wrong anyway
    what about email addresses which have an ip address instead of a domain name.
  17. Do you need more information or why is there no reply to this thread?
  18. Notice another bug,

    try dragging around the window. It starts dragging after you release the mouse button, not while you are clicking.
  19. The same using safari

    Notice that the label of the checkbox is at the same level as the checkbox itself and there is no scrollbar (even no hidden one)
  20. Hi,

    using FF3b5 on a Mac using this extJs script causes the results as shown in the attachment. Notice the scrollbar next to the checkbox. It actually scrolls by a few pixel.


  21. Replies
    This is IMO wrong. If a interpreter (like PHP or Perl) is under a GPL license the code you write is not!

    And if you generate ExtJS-code the code gets interpreted by ext and thus is not under GPL....
  22. Replies
    If I will not pay and publish I'm forced to use 2.02 which is still LGPL right?
  23. Hi,

    I'm using toggleCheck to toggle the checkbox.
    If I call getChecked on the tree I only get those checkboxes which are checked by clicking on them not the ones I checked with toggleCheck.

  24. Hi,

    I'd like to submit all the checked checkboxes when I call form.submit();
    I managed to include the tree in the form panel. But there is no name attribute with the checkboxes. And it seems that...
  25. Did you look at one of the grids with firefox 3?
    All the rows which have a larger content than the with of the column are not cut but move all the other rows in that column in a weired way. I...
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