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  1. I have list

    id: 'myid',
    xtype: 'list',
    flex: 1,
    scrollable : 'vertical',
    store: 'MyStore',
  2. I have migrated this part my code to ST2 B1, it's work in this version.
  3. From ST2 pr1 to ST2 pr4 I used Ext.util.MD5('target'), but in beta 1 it deprecated(deleted). How use MD5 in ST2?
  4. I had the same behavior.
    I've put mvc into config and it fixed.

    config:{ models: [], views: [], controllers: [], stores:[], },
  5. My store config:

    config :{ model : 'appName.model.ModelName', storeId : 'myStoreID' }

    I know this store exist (I can get it another way in my situation :...
  6.'storeID'); return undefinedIs it deprecated in st2pr4? How should I get store instance by ID?
  7. st2 documentation!/api/
    Show that we can use store.add() + store.sync() or , but first solution doesn't work for me.
  8. I create instanse of my model

    var myInstance = Ext.create('myApp.model.mymodel',{
  9. Replies
    I solve this problem.When i want delete record from localstorage then i call record.destroy(); But i think it should automatic delete from localstorage when i delete it from my store asociated with...
  10. Hello, i have Ext.list associated with models whitch have syncstorage proxy type.

    Ext.define('', {

    extend : '',
    model : 'myApp.model.mymodel',...
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    I have a Store, extended from and associated with model which has proxy type: localstorage. Also I have a list associated with my Store. I can add records to my store and they show up...
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