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  1. I know it's no fun to think about optimizing for a moving target, but frankly, this is unacceptable. We need the framework to support these browsers the moment they're released. Meet the browser...
  2. Does anyone have any ideas about this issue? This is kindof a big deal and nobody's commented on it yet.
  3. Ok, I found a workaround finally... It's a little bit cheezy but it works for now.

    Basically, we set deferredRender back to true, and then iterate through the tabs, activating each one of them...
  4. Hey, all.

    I'm having a major problem using combo fields, date fields, time fields, etc., in a tabpanel when deferredRender is set to false.

    I MUST use deferredRender: false.
    I have one...
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