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  1. So, I assume this was not fixed in 4.2.1. I read through the release notes and didn't see any mention of this defect number. :(

    Any thoughts on when this will be fixed?
  2. I just tested the tree fix and confirmed that it works.

  3. I'll have to test this when I get some time.

    Unfortunately, I didn't see this bug on the list for 4.2.1 Beta 1. :s
  4. I just tested this and found that setting containerScroll to false doesn't fix the issue. However, removing the plugin does fix the issue.
  5. I think this is happening for trees as well.

    I'm using the TreeViewDragDrop plugin and I have containerScroll set to true. When I scroll down and select a tree node the scrollbar jumps and, even...
  6. I just started to notice this behavior in Ext JS 4.2. I did not experience this is 4.1.1a.

    Does anyone know what causes this or how to resolve it?
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