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    I guess those work, for future things down the road as well. *mark as favorite*. I guess I can try like the calender example. Thanks for the help!
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    (First of all... long time no talk with anyone. Love the new ExtJS 4.1.x framework. :D)

    So here is the situation. I am working on a project and I am at a certain part in coding the ExtJS module. I...
  3. That's protected in the OS. You would have to access the 'registry' using javascript.
  4. To your post in the other thread, yes. It seems related.
  5. Getting the same error.
  6. Doing this:

    var root = this.getRoot(data) || false,
    total = root.length || 0,
    success = true,
    value, records;

    allows me during the 'read'...
  7. I have looking into this issue myself to find out why this is not firing.

    The data result:

    {"success": false, "errorMessage": "Hi there. We failed"}
    It seems that inside the 'doRequest':
  8. I been setting a listener on a JsonStore Proxy, and waiting for it to fire on a known 'failure'.

    this.aJsonStore.getProxy().on('exception', this.onException, this);
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    Anyone ever get keyup/keydown/keypress events working for CKEditor extension?
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    I added the lisnenrs both ways:

    this.on('beforeremove', function(tree, parent, node) {

    * If this is the left hand side tree, we should
  11. Your very welcome.
  12. Ok. I think I can make an observered reaction to the bug. When I went to go delete something the arrow "|>" that would normally show stuff under it still exists even though I know there is nothing...
  13. Sent via email.
  14. I can, but I have to send it email. I can't openly publish it.
  15. I was working on a project, and all of the sudden I am getting this error:

    An Error has occurred on line 32 in ext-complete.js.
    TypeError: Result of expression "this.el' [undefined] is not an...
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