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  1. Hey,

    actually I haven't tried SDK Tools 1 because I thought they were incompatible with ST 2.0, because of the major changes. Or am I wrong?

    I could write a bash script, to merge the files in...
  2. Hey there,

    is there a simple way of putting together all the parts of my ST 2.0 App in a minified way? CSS isn't a problem, but how to combine the neccessary Javascript files etc. to one file and...
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    You could just use refs / controls to manage those events from the Controller!/api/

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    In the API page the example states that this works:

    Ext.Msg.prompt('Name', 'Please enter your name:', function(text) { // process text value...
  5. Just for future reference, if somebody is checking this thread:
    to make all that stuff work, like the model success function access the controller functions just define the scope: this so the code...
  6. The link I posted is a bug report, so I guess it already got fixed (after looking at the Fixed prefix ;))

    Anyhow I still have one minor Problem... when Calling the load() function in my controller...
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    Model.load() need model attribute specified

    Here is the link

    workaround / solution is in the thread aswell :)
  8. Found the Solution:

    Now the call looks like this:

    app.model.Product.load(27, {
    model: 'app.model.Product',...
  9. Thanks edspencer.. good to know! but unfortunately it still doesn't work.. different error though:

    Uncaught Error: [ERROR][] An Operation needs to have a model defined....
  10. delete pls - was an unrelated post :(

    problem above still exists though
  11. Hello,

    usecase: I want to create a Model, which is already defined, in a controller, and somehow I can't create it / load data.


    Ext.define('app.model.Product', { ...
  12. Thanks for the info. Will do so accordingly.
  13. Hey Steffen,

    thanks for the help. I'm still struggling a little bit with the "Sencha Way".
    The community is great, and I think as soon as I get used to the way things work, everything will be...
  14. Hi Steffen,
    I added the listing now to a Container, and then the getListing works. I just thought they would be automatically instantiated as soon as I call the getter...
    Is there any way to...
  15. Hey,

    so I did a reroll on the new MVC of ST PR4 and I started messing around with it a bit, when I stumbled across sth odd.

    in my controller in the I have:

    refs :{
    browse :...
  16. Thanks Mitchell,
    thats what I thought, anyhow I don't understand what made the difference. It should've worked just like that.

    If you're saying that it shouldn't make any difference, I...
  17. Hello there,

    I realized a couple of times, that certain things in Sencha Touch don't seem to work as expected when using Ext.create, but work exactly as expected when just using the xtype.
  18. Hello,

    I wonder if it is possible to implement a caching feature for dataviews or lists using a Store with AJAX Proxy and JSON reader, or if there is already one (haven't found anything on it).
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    really nice, might learn sth of it for the shopping app I'm just designing..

    the Badge animation is really nice...
  20. Found the solution.
    When I use setActiveItem(0) instead of setActiveItem(dataview) it works fine.

  21. Hello,

    I have a problem with the following setup:
    - TabPanel -
    holds: container 1
    container 2
    container 3
    holds: dataview

    All containers are Card...
  22. I'm struggling with this aswell. Where can I get a version where the fix is already applied?
    Are there nightly builds?
  23. I figured out why it happens.

    If I define the container like this:

    var categoryContainer = Ext.create('Ext.Container', {
    title: 'test',
    layout: 'card',
    items: [categoryListing]...
  24. Okay, I read through my own post and realized you were right, it is rather hard to understand what I mean :D

    Here is what I try to achieve:

    I have a TabPanel and there a several Tabs in...
  25. Okay, I made some progress on this...

    The whole thing is running in a TabPanel.
    When I have the List declared as an item with xtype: 'dataview' everything works fine.
    But I would rather want the...
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