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    Nicely done! Thanks for sharing ^.^

    I did notice that if you start a password with an upper-case letter, using Shift, then type in a lower-case character it will throw up that CAPSLOCK mask.
  2. I've had this same issue as well. In the DataListSelectionModels' onClick(...) just checking to ensure item is not null before you use it, you'll be safe.

    protected void...
  3. I have a Popup with lots of Widgets inside of it, including DataLists. When I select an item in a data list, the Popup autohides.

    Latest ExtGWT from SVN
    Both hosted and Web mode
    FF3 on Ubuntu...
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    You have to buy a support subscription for access to the repo.
  5. My experience converting a fair-sized project ... ~45,000 lines, using MyGWT RC2 and ExtGWT in Beta 3 ... was tedious, but not difficult. It took me about two days (20ish hours) to do it all myself...
  6. I'm still having no luck with a Popup auto-hiding, and spotty behavior with explicitly toggling hide/show. Even just creating a basic Popup in a viewport doesn't autohide:

    public class...
  7. Great! Thanks for all the hard work Darrell.

  8. I perused the forums a bit and didn't see this mentioned yet. Sorry for the spam if I missed it.

    Using GXT beta 5 download, the Popup widget would not perform its autohide behavior correctly, so...
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