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  1. Hello guys!

    I recently update to 2.1 because of problem while trying to launch my application on Safari for iPhone/iPad 4.3.

    I corrected the last bugs and, now, when i try to launch "sencha app...
  2. I resolved my problem, i just rewrite the app to load the mvc architecture as it should do (controller, model, view) and it works.

    I think the problem was the view was loaded before the store,...
  3. Hello Sencha Community!

    I have a problem with the dataview.List component, the component actually show my items, but click event is not triggerable.

    It works perfectly in development mode...
  4. I found a solution, but not a really good one.

    When i load sdk/sencha-touch-all.js instead of sencha-touch.js it works.

    That mean my all-classes.js didn't contains all the classes in need....
  5. Edit:

    I commented all other views and other loads, my code now only update the dataview.List, i don't have the "header" error again, but the list still don't show up my products.

    I'll try to...
  6. Hello Sencha community!

    First, i have to apologize my english, excuse me, i'm french, we can't be perfect ;)

    I have a problem with sencha Touch 2 at building, my application is working...
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