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  1. Yes, thta worked for me, I owerwrote this and comp as well. Thank you.
  2. I need help with List item height for multiple resolutions.

    As we all know there is only way to change list item height is by using itemHeight config in Sencha code. Which unacceptable in my case...
  3. Ok Let me change the question:

    I have masked List, when I load data I mask and unmask it.
    I use Paging Plugin, how do I switch off loader spinner for Ext.plugin.ListPaging?

  4. How to disable loading spinner in Paging plugin and in same time have store spinner working ?
    Looks like plugin doesn't have config for this.
    Help please, because right now I have 2 spinners going...
  5. well, I need to have to be scrollable when list hits many items, so scrollable:false not a solution.
  6. How to make Ext.dataview.List not scrollable if number of items in the list doesn't need scrolling. Fort example when displaying only one item, and list has more then enough space to display it.
  7. In case of simple app I dont get an error, I have meny simple app which compile well.

    Question to the developers:

    How to mitigate such problems !???!
  8. Application is quite massive, code I posted is little snippet of what I have :)

    Other massive applistaion bult and packaged properly, so I'm looking for general description of what may case...
  9. Any ideas to why t might happen? I dint see anything obviously wrong in my code? Anything I can try?
  10. Ext.Loader.setConfig({ enabled: true, disableCaching: false });

    name: 'Navigation',
    controllers: ['Home'],
    stores: ['Favourites', 'History',...
  11. Simple store:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    requires: ['Navigation.model.Location'],
    config: {
  12. After upgrading to Sencha Cmd v3.1.0.256 same story....
  13. Trying to build Sencha app but getting this error, Analyzing my JS files doesn't show anything circular or obviously wrong. It works properly when tested without packaging.

    Please help???!!!!

  14. I'm interested what is the right way of setting path to external classes which works properly with Sencha CMD ?
  15. Hi guys,

    I have app.js which has

    Ext.Loader.setPath(); in very fist string to specify custom location and namespace of my libraries etc. So When I trying to package this with Secnah CMD it...
  16. O that is embarrasing! Thank you very much, how can I miss that obvious problem! Funny enoug It was in sources for long time nobody noticed it until I used SCMD to package app !
  17. Just to make it simple:

    I have newly generated app, one thing I did just modified generated app.view.Main.js

    requires: [
  18. This is actually unwanted behavior. All application we have should be running on one well tested framework version, we don't need surprises, bugs etc.
  19. I understand, but question is about how to automate building, also how to kepp all that in repository.
    That would be strange to keep duplicate directories in repo for each 10 projects we have. Also...
  20. I would like to know what is current status of Sencha 2.1 and BB10 ? Back in 2012 Oct/Nov time frame it was some notions that 2.1 will have some sort of support for BB10. Can I package my app...
  21. I have standalone app directory structure looks like this:

    + app // contains controllers/views etc
    + resources // contains css/sencha.js/images
    - app.js
    - index.html

    How can I package this...
  22. No problem. I agree, settings it to 0 doesn't make much sense and we've found this accidentally :) but impact is severe so I thought it needed attention.
  23. For Sencha 2.1.

    Settings itemHeight to 0 in list causing Browser / Tab to hang and memory of the that Browser/ Tab growing steady and fast.

    Simple example:

    /*global Ext:false */...
  24. I have issues skinning (applying custom CSS) to x-list-item,

    It has inline style :

    min-height: 47px !important;
    -webkit-transform: translate3d(0px, 47px, 0px);

    Which make it...
  25. It was totally bug for Sencha 2.0.1, now it seems to be fixed.
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