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  1. I need help to create a multi page sencha application.

    I have created workspace using
    sencha -sdk sencha-touch-2.2.0 generate workspace Demo demo

    There a single index.html is created. Now...
  2. hi,
    First I want to thank for this plugin. It worked great for me, but I am facing an issue,

    The issue is when I try to disable the upload button by buttonObject.setDisabled(true);, the button...
  3. Hi,
    I have a store i.e.
    Ext.define('TitleStore', {
    extend: '',
    fields: ['dictionaryId', 'phrase', 'translated', 'system'],
    buffered: true,
    leadingBufferZone: 50,
  4. Replies
    Hi ssamuel68,


    .gridTitle{ font-size:16px; color: darkorange;}columns : [
    { text : 'Name', dataIndex : 'name', cls: 'gridTitle'}

    will work fine, just add the css to the...
  5. Hi all, recently I came across a typical problem of binding a new store to the itemselector dynamically, which was not working as the conventional way i.e. field.bindStore(newStore).
    Also all the...
  6. Hi Scott,
    I was having some issue with dynamic loading store data in itemselector. While I am adding store on field's boxready event, by calling getValue method I am getting its value, but by...
  7. Hi guys, I am trying to load data through getResponseData() method of reader. Its working fine, while used in ExtJs 4.0, but in 4.1 it's showing error.

    Cannot read property 'length' of undefined ...
  8. Hi Everybody,
    I am new to this ExtJs. I created a dummy application using MVC architecture. So I have created a store and include it in the controller page. But when I try to call that store in...
  9. Hi Everybody,

    Actually I am new to Extjs. I want show a calendar covering whole page. But i am unable to increase the height. The code is

    Ext.onReady(function() {
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