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  1. I would try a different approach:
    Implement the enable /disable rule in the beforeEdit method of the cell editor which you provide to your grid (Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing) The comboBox returns...
  2. Do you have a clientId field in your model ? This may be a reason as the model uses a clientIdProperty:"clientId" to do this matching . I had a similar problem, as i use clientId as a tenant...
  3. did you try to set the model property useNull:true ?


    Ext.define("CurrencyDs" ,{
    extend: '',
    fields: [
    {name:"name", type:"string"},
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    Great work guys ! - i tried all the 4.1 betas and this is really good
    From 4.1.b3 is a drop-in replacement
    However also b1-> b2 and b2->b3 required minimal changes - at least for me
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    you're welcome
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    have a look at - extjs 4 ui / osgi (spring DM ) server side

    Each bundle which provides contributions exposes an net.nan21.dnet.core.api.ui.extjs.IExtensionProvider as osgi...
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    are scary, aren't they ? :) - java inheritance :)
    the reason behind is that it's supposed to allow whatever combinations/overrides of components written by different providers - an application...
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    There is one possible approach which may be useful to get inspiration on how to unleash the Extjs 4 MVC:

    Some brief...
  9. Milestone 2 ( 1.0-M2 ) available using extjs 4 ; although there are lots of differences in 4 compared to 3 the migration is not really so difficult - and is definitely worth the trouble;
  10. Before answering your questions here are some hints :
    To migrate an app from Oracle Forms to 3 tier web app the development team will have to learn a language and a framework for both the client...
  11. It may help to have a look at

    It is a lightweight service oriented architecture inspired from Oracle Forms / Fusion middleware , forms developers can quickly recognize the...
  12. Actually the thread title is not entirely true any more as the new project is not oracle / php , but it became java server-side and database independent (prefered db's are oracle and mysql ).
  13. Yes, moved to

    the new application's name is DNet eBusiness Suite
  14. 1) for those asking about framework , it is an own "framework" a bunch of classes implementing base functionalities, tailored to my specific needs.

    2) for those asking about business...
  15. i suppose you didn't have one of the fields : C007F_MENU_OTORITY or DC007F_MENU_ITEMS

    anyway you're welcome
  16. Doesn't matter if it is a query field or a regular form edit field, the idea is the same.

    Suppose your LOV displays the result for the following sql statement:

    select ID, NAME, CITY from...
  17. here some screenshots
  18. I just tried to includ the code in my project and works.
    Here it is:

    ,joinSelectedRecordsColumn: function(columnName) {
    var result = '';
    // initialise it to...
  19. Note on filters: wildcard for string is %, for character is _ as in Oracle

    If you want to filter "abcd":

    Starts with "ab" use: ab%
    Ends with "cd" use: %cd

    a search with ab%...
  20. mjhaston:

    the code you're looking for is in initComponent() of the base grids, i.e :
    N21.Base.GridView and N21.Base.GridEdit
  21. uchup07 : the LOV component is intended to be a filterable, paginated list . With the new release {0.7} which is uploaded on the demo site [ source code published also in a couple of days ] it is...
  22. what is the problem ?
  23. for everybody asking about source code:
    Please check homepage: there you find all the links and news.
    Thank you
  24. thank you symx, it took some work, however not as much as one would expect. The most important point behind the application is a code generator, all the user interfaces [the dialogs loaded by...
  25. Hi

    it is said that you cannot access objects in different DOMs [ in your case iframe ] or from javascript which is outside of your Ext.onReady() function.

    Try this approach :
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