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    Has a bug number been assigned?
    Is there any status on this issue?

    Chris Olsen
  2. I have a scatter chart with some positive and negative values that triggers a bug in the Y axis range auto calculation. The lower range should be around -12 but it calculates -20?

    Sample code:
  3. I am running into the same problem here. I have multiple grids in an hbox that is contained in a vbox.
    The grids size are all messed up until the browser window is resized.
    I also see these errors...
  4. Another issue with hiding series is the y axis limits.
    Would be good to have an option to redraw the chart with new upper / lower limits after hiding a series.
    The highcharts charting package does...
  5. There is currently no way to know when the chart surface has been created.
    If you capture the the afterrender event many times the chart surface has not been created.
    Need to be able to draw...
  6. axes: [{
    type: 'Numeric',
    fields: 'devAvg',
    grid: true,
    position: 'left',
    title: 'Deviation',
    label: {
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    I have a need to do a custom chart axis, but if you try to instantiate the Axis before the chart it does not work. It needs a chart reference, if you try to add it after the chart is create it runs...
  8. I was able to use a linear numeric axis to get most of what I need.
    I used a time stamp (Seconds since the epoch) as the 'number' for the axis
    and just formatted the label, this resulted in the...
  9. I am in the same boat here, I need a time axis that is completely linear, no aggregation. Each plot point should be made on the raw Date values.
    How to configure the current time axis to do this...
  10. Thanks for the reply!,
    Was not sure if this was fixed in beta 1 from the email or not.
    The sample you posted does work fine in Beta1, but if I change the chart type to a 'Line'
    chart I get this...
  11. I was looking to create a customized chart series that would support a separate store.
    But the code in Chart.js assumes that the prefix for the chart is Ext.chart.series.
    It uses Ext.create not...
  12. The progress dialog opens a very big window and does not update.
    This only happens when the cache has been cleared (in FF 4.0 & 3.6.16)
    1. Clear the cache
    2. Load the window examples:
  13. If the value in the store is undefined the scatter chart should not try to plot it.
    We need some way to have plot points in a scatter chart not plotted if there is not data for each yAxis entry.
  14. Guys,
    I have a REST Resource that returns a 204 (No Content) when there is no data.
    ExtJS blows up trying to read the root element from the data.
    Shouldn't it either throw an exception or skip...
  15. I can not find a way to implement a double click on a grid row.
    In 3 there was a rowdblclick signal, can not find anything comparable in 4.
    Am I missing something or just to caught up in how it...
  16. Seems to be a number of issues with skipping / elipsis'ng labels.
    If I have a line chart with 90 items the first label is display in full, problem is it runs right against the next label it tries to...
  17. Guys,
    Having problems getting a combo box in a toolbar. It renders very oddly.
    I can get it to work extending an Panel instead of a Toolbar, but the frame is different with the rounded corners....
  18. Looks like the tbspacer type is acting like the tbfill type.
    It ignores the width attribute and everything following it is right justified.
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    Looking for some help with a design pattern on how to handle a banner.
    The docked header would work for the layout I think, I am using a border layout right now.
    What I have in the banner is a...
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    There seems to be an issue with the applyTo config item. From what I can tell it is expecting the specified id to also be a component. It is also not in the v4 docs, is it deprecated? If so how...
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