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  1. Thank you! :D
  2. I would like to center the header text of ContentPanel. If I create a css class and add to the header object, it works:

    / / MyCss.css
    .centerTextAlign (
    text-align: center;
  3. To sum up, I have a 'x' column of header with 3 rows. All cells (or rows) of 'x' are "colspan: 0" and "rowspan: 0". I need bottom borders in all 'x' cells (first column at...

    We are almost there ... :)
  5. I didn't get this error on IE6 here. Can you post the source code?

    I need to create a column header taking all the lines of my header. When i put rowspan = 3 (3 = number of lines of my header)...
  6. It seems that "table-layout:fixed;" causes a strange problem in IE ... The following code in my css solved the "width problem"... (see ext-2.0/resources/css/grid.css)

    .ext-ie .x-grid3...
  7. I could not get it work as a plugin, adding to the Config GridPanel:

    plugins: new Ext.ux.GroupHeaderGridView(forceFit (true)),

    Nothing happens.

    Furthermore, running as view "view: new...
  8. I need the same thing on my application. Could you please share the complete source code?

  9. Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

    But I need multi line headers to work with ColumnTree (

    Any ideas?
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