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  1. Thank you for the code but i thik it's exactly what i posted at the start of this thread.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Hello all!

    I am having an odd problem with sencha touch which baffles me. I have very little experience with Javascript, so it may just be the silliest of errors. I am trying to do a compare...
  4. Hello all!

    I'm a new to Sencha Touch and only been using this for a couple of weeks. I am using sencha touch for my 4th year project at uni but I wanted to ask a quick question. Is it possible to...
  5. Thanks Alot! Finally beginning to understand this. Tho I only got this working in with 1.0.1a but still had the error with 1.1.0.

    Thanks alot for the help!
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    Hi i am fairly new to Sencha Touch, yet embarked to use sencha for my 4th year project in Uni. I have the basic application working yet i am having difficulties in actually themeing it. I have set up...
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