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  1. i have one function which replaces forms on pages with extjs form panel and all inputs, thing is i have to write this function every time there is a special custom form or something is special in...
  2. i tried,

    var p = Ext.getCmp("filter_formPanel");

    p.layout = {type: "accordion"};

    p.layoutConfig = {
  3. that a good feature of json probably reduces number size therefore reducing message size
  4. var_dump(json_decode($json, false, 512, JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING));
  5. Hi All

    i am having problems implementing big int in json extjs
  6. all items are rendered outside the panel eg at the end of the tom, we are thinking that we may not purchase extjs now as there is so much change going on at teh moment with it.
  7. fixed, form items and panel need autoShow: true, not autoRender: true
  8. fixed, form items and panel need autoShow: true, not autoRender: true
  9. Hi there edspencer i have posted it into the bugs section with a the template, thanks ...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2a

    Browser versions tested against:
  11. Hi all

    I have a script that replaces all form elements with extjs4 elements, its having issues in IE 9 but works in chrome and FF 3 4 5.

    It seems to have loaded the ext library and started...
  12. Hi guys

    I used a config of the grid panel a while back where you can expand and collapse the rows, not individual but all at once, does anyone rember what thats called or have any ideas to its...
  13. Hi guys

    I used extjs a while back it was done all wrong back then i done xtypes for the whole program.

    i have defined my view port and added some grouping drag-able grids.

    i have setup a...
  14. but the thing is the type of applications ExtJs realy comes in use for is administrative dedicated roles and therfore you probably would get a machine suited for that.

    A standard 256 graphics...
  15. i have

    2 X pentium R D 3.2 ghz processors on one board and 2
    gb of ram
    G FORCE FX 5200.

    It runs prety smooth no glitches at all.

    my colegue has a slower machine runs slower
  16. how can i see that firefox is fgaster than ie ? i never see any real difference ?
  17. thanks guys i was prety amature when i posted this but still havent got to using the tooltips lol, i think i have somwhere.
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    i ended up making the south collapsable and split
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    hi guys
    i am having issues with field sets in IE they dont seem to be showing proper padding and margins they are stuck together and there titles are wrapped

    xtype: 'form',
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    hello guys

    i have a boarder layout in a tab wich fills the center panel of a viewport.


    now when i go to a small screen lets say 1024 by 800 the lower south region floats over my...
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    hi guys

    i have a panel wich is border layout it is the base panel for teh screen what happens is if there is a panel in the south and the monitor is small the south panel overlaps teh center panel...
  22. for some reason that i couldent track every element in my form got dirty and i had to fix it so i done this patchy annying fix,

  23. i fixed it it needed sort info in the store
  24. please help me my grouping grid is not working, can you guys see anything ? the store loads and the json comes down but the loading mask stays on the grid, no errors ff3.5

    xtype: 'grid',
  25. dosent seem to be what im looking for, my problem is that i need to say that the form is not dirty, or set the cobobox in a way that it will not affect
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