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  1. I used an online CSS validator ( in order to check the syntax of my CSS file and I found some errors (missing commas, etc.). It is working now :)
  2. If I compare this log output with the one that was previously working, the exception arrives just after "Minified app.js" and before "Minified resources/css/app.css".

    So it seems that there is a...
  3. I am using Sencha Build with Sencha Touch 2.1. Everything was working fine. I don't know what I modified but suddenly I get the following exception when I run "sencha app build production"....
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    Same problem here with an Android 2.3.4 ...
    Anyone with an idea ?
    It was working with sencha 2.0 but not with sencha 2.1
  5. Ok, thanks :)
    That should work.
  6. Oh I see. So you would use overflow : you specify that the toolbar has 50 pixels for the height and then put a background of 65 pixels for a specific button of the toolbar, so that the button goes...
  7. Hi,

    Please have a look at

    I am interested by the bottom bar : it doesn't have the same height for all buttons, the selected...
  8. Actually the onDeviceReady is never called !! If I put an alert inside onBodyLoad, the alert appears. When I put an alert inside oneviceReady, nothing appears.

    Does anybody know what could be the...
  9. I am trying to integrate push notification to my Sencha Touch 1.x application, from the code found at

    They provide a sample based on a pure...
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