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    Using Previous versions of SA, I had shortcuts to open projects in SA, by invoking the binary and passing it the path to the .xds.

    With SA3, I've been using, and I don't see any...
  2. Hi,

    Stupid question, but how do I know when this has been released.
    I've checked back, and the forum *always* says "recently", even for bugs reported 3 years ago and fixed.
    I can't find a change...
  3. Works for me, with ExtJS 4.1.3.

    Though I now use Ext.define('...', {override: 'Ext.panel.Table', ... }) but I don't think that's your problem.

    If your Ext.panel.Table initComponent isn't...
  4. asics167,

    You've mixed together several techniques.

    If you're just trying to use my work around, change this:

    xtype: 'booleancolumn',
    autoRender: true,
  5. ExtJS 4.1.3

    We've got a form Panel onDirtyChange, which fires an event that allows buttons to be changed as relevant.
    We noticed that it wasn't firing when you change a field in a toolbar docked...
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    Whilst you're right, this presents a problem, because updateRecord respects the dirty flag of Fields.
    So if a form does loadRecord, and then you select a new value in a combobox, and then...
  7. What I ended up doing was adding an attribute, with an override that would change the xtype later.
    ( Though actually, the xtype of the column is irrellevant, it's the recreate that mattered )

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    Sencha Architect 2.1.0
    ExtJS 4.1.2

    This is a simple question which seems to be asked often, but reading the answers, I don't have a clear answer yet.
    I'm using sencha architect to create a...
  9. I ended up solving it like this:

    Ext.define('Ext.treegrid.plugin.MyGrid', {
    extend: 'Ext.AbstractPlugin',
    init: function(grid){
    var me = this;
    me.grid = grid;
  10. aconran,

    We've got a TreeGrid with a few columns.
    I needed to change one of them to checkcolumn.
    To do that, I've had to override the whole of the initComponent for the grid, because I can't...
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    Is this likely to change/be fixed?

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    ExtJS 4.1.2
    Architect 2.1.0

    Problem: I want a tree grid panel, with an editable column combobox.
    So I want to have a CellEditting plugin on the tree.
    In architect, this is where my issue...
  13. Hi,

    I've seen several questions/answers that seem to relate to this, but none have given me something I can work with.

    I have a standard gridpanel in architect.
    It's tied to a ExtDirect...
  14. Thanks.

  15. Right, that's what I've done.

    So would it be sane for me to put "Add non-specific override facility" as a feature request for architect?

    I can do that in the premium forum for it.
  16. I'd like to add a generic override to Json reader.

    Along the lines of:
    Ext.define('', {
    override: '',
    root: 'list'
  17. Aaron,

    We use local https proxies, and the api list is unauthenticated, so there's no real issue there for us.

    And yes, that's what we're doing for now.

    It might seem small, but allowing...
  18. Aaron,

    Yeah, that's exactly what I've done.

    The issue is just this one:
    We still need architect to request it itself, so that the actions available are available in the directFn drop down on...
  19. Sencha Architect 2.1.0
    ExtJS 4.1.2

    When you add a Direct resource, Architect assumes that it can inline the result of the url.

    Our direct api isn't static.

    We need a way to have it request...
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    Sencha Architect 2.1.0 Build 613
    ExtJS 4.1.2

    I want to add a Ext Direct Resource with a relative path.

    Our web app will use /web_service/.../ to access a direct api, and during development...
  21. ExtJS 4.1.1


    This doesn't work because:
    - Ext.dom.Query's matcher for properties doesn't allow for properties starting with $.
    - The...
  22. Sorry, You're spot on right!

    So if the second method worked, I'd be fine.
  23. Evan,

    Why do you say that the first call will never work? It's documented to, isn't it?

    As for adding an id, this code is generated by architect... so I don't really get to.

    I've got a work...
  24. ExtJS 4.1

    This issue is somewhat abstract, but the following example will serve as an illustration:

    // This code is generated by architect when it adds a new direct resource...
  25. Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 11.10
    Sencha Architect: Version 2.1.0 Build: 609

    Issue is straight out of the inspector tutorial:!/guide/project_inspector
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