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  1. What fixed it for me was actually removing:
    Ext.scopeResetCSS = true;
    from my jsp.

    I originally put it in the jsp to fix prevent extjs from overriding my css...
  2. I was unable to get access to the summary row, so:
    1) I created a separate grid for just the summary row
    2) added listeners to the main grid panel that would calculate the sums and update the...
  3. I am experiencing what seems to be a bug in ie8 with extjs4.

    I have a grid with cellediting plugin, and if my cells have editors of type textfield, when tabbing through the grid, the grid loses...
  4. I was able to resolve this with somewhat messy code, but it works. It invlolved using the specialkey listener in the editor of the textfield.

    columns: [{

  5. I have enabled this, but am not sure how to apply it to the grid to catch the tab event. It seems to only highlight the currently active cell and not alter its behavior.

    As you can see in this...
  6. I have a Ext.grid.Panel followed by an Ext.form.Panel. In ExtJS 3 we were able to tab from the last cell in the grid to the first field in the form. Is this still possible?
  7. Anybody have any ideas? or do I have to just recalculate the totals manually?
  8. You're right Mitchell, it appears to be caused by CellEditing's showEditor function. where it calls: i.selectByPosition({row: c.rowIdx, column: c.colIdx}), do you know why this was added. As a...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.1
    Browser versions tested against:
  10. records will return all rows(3) except the summary row (last row).

    In other words it would return an array containing:
    [{Month1: 100, Month2: 50, total: 150}, {Month1: 200, Month2: 100, total:...
  11. Thanks for the quick reply Scott,

    In the jsfiddle code you linked, is there a way to access the last row with values 600, 300 and 900?

  12. Is there a way to get the record or more specifically the column, for a Ext.grid.feature.Summary?

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    That worked perfectly thanks.

    Seemed like it should be easier.

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    I have a grid with editable textfields(Ext.form.field.Number) and a summary row(Ext.grid.feature.Summary)

    If I set the summaryType to 'sum', it will append the sum, ie)
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    Awesome, exactly what I needed, just had to remove the exclamation icon from the css (from.x-form-invalid-under) , and good to go. Thanks!
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    For field validation, I was wondering if anyone knows how to simply have the error message next to the field and not the default functionality with the exclamation mark icon where mouseover displays...
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