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  1. When doing 'sencha app build production' for my app, these things happen:
    1. pressing a container which in the development works doesn't work in the production:
    In the initialize of the parent...
  2. XHR finished loading: GET "". bootstrap.js:590

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input bootstrap.js:1532

  3. Dataview shows 1 3 2 , instead of 1 2 3 (wanted behaviour) :
  4. Hey, I have submitted the email the day I wrote the last post..considering I didn't get any response .. I wanted to know if you got it..
  5. I have a grid, which has many lines, I'm building a 'top 5' feature, so I need to be able to drag from the grid to a 5 containers in a window,
    I can't seem to understand how to do this, is there any...
  6. Done, thank you!
  7. Of course! can I send an archived file to any mail?
  8. [ERR] C2007: Uses reference had no matching files (Ext.globalEvents) -- D:\wamp\www\wine-design\Wine\app.js:26:42[ERR][ERR] BUILD FAILED[ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExBuild: Failed to find any files...
  9. I'm working on an app in architect , I have 2 navigation views in different items in a carousel,
    in one navigation view which holds a linked container, push works.
    on the other navigation view...
  10. Oh ! great, I thought that his option was only meant to change the gradient type (flat, bevel etc..)
    Thank you :)
  11. 50564
    Hey thanks again, but this is not what I wanted to change :)
    I was talking about the bar that is above the selected item (still blueish in your example)
  12. Hey thank you for the answer,
    I am sorry but I got it wrong, I thought that 'picker title bg color' is the blue strap around the chosen dataitem. after some css viewing I realized it's...
  13. So I'm working on this project and I need to add in a multi-select field,
    this one looks great:
    but how do I incorporate it into my project?...
  14. 50529
  15. Anyone tried using swipetabs on architect? is it problematic ?
  16. apparently when I discovered sencha about two years ago (I think) I downloaded everything and installed.. and apparently the animator was never really used ..
    So today after developing in sencha for...
  17. Replies
    does "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isModel' of undefined " have anything to do with it?

    when using the disable() method on htmleditor , an error occurs.
  19. Replies
    So the setup is as following:
    1. node.js running express 4, and extdirect
    2. extjs 5.0.1
    when asked for directapi:
  20. 50258
  21. Thank you very much! Sorry for the remark.. thought it might be a bug..
  22. OS = Windows 8.1
    framework = extjs 5.whatever is on architect
    theme =Neptune - I just changed the base color to red and that's all..
    maybe toolbar doesn't have to inheret the base...
  23. 50091
  24. Since I'm using a very strong machine I almost didn't notice it until architect was opened for a long time with many more programs (when I close architect it frees) but during the time it's running...
  25. Hey Carlo, have you successfully compiled using phonegap already? (I use phonegap build online, it's very nice and fast)
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