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  1. Thanks - had same problem with Firefox 45 on OS X - 'Refresh Firefox' fixed it. Weird.
  2. Check the Library Base Path in your Resource/Library object - this defaults to the not very useful when you don't have build tools enabled. You can edit it...
  3. the 'bug' was that it stopped the Firefox password manager from working on some sites - it is up to the user to enable/disable the password manager for a particular site (not the site by using the...
  4. Firefox (now) ignores autocomplete for password fields - is left up to the user to decide, not the webpage
  5. This occurs when 'cached' is turned off on the Direct Resource is SA (was the same in SA 3.2 also)
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    Upgraded from ExtJS 4.2.5 to 6.0.1 and this lib in MVC 5.2.3 - all works OK without any changes
  7. fieldStyle works for me
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    +1 on this

    Currently I use the preview css that Architect makes (e.g. preview-ext-theme-neptune-7c677aed-ae32-4fce-a06b-cdc50596d1b2.css) which actually contains images as base64 encoded chunks....
  9. the .xds file (JSON format) for the Architect project contains the CMD version number - you can probably adjust things there?
  10. I use Direct (in a 4.2.3 app) - mainly for the request combining. Very liberating being able to ask for a whole bunch of stuff server side and get it all combined into a single HTTP request.

  11. And ExtJS 4.2.4 will be an Ext JS version released 'after that'... that is how I read it, and how it has worked in the past...
  12. IE 11 will still be an option in Windows 10
  13. That thread does not say 4.x or 5.x will not 'support' EDGE - just that 6.0.1 will probably be the first.... I would expect ongoing support 4.x and 5.x as has occurred in the past - and 'support'...
  14. Thank you Aaron - developing an ExtJS 4.2.3 app with Architect 3.2 on a 5K iMac is a thing of joy and puts a smile on my face every day :-)

    Hopefully I can say the same thing about ExtJS 6.x +...
  15. Hex will work as long as you include the font name - otherwise it need to be decimal if you are using the default glyph font config. Actually an ExtJS issue.

    e.g. use: xE80A@fontello
  16. new release coming next week...
  17. I think more than any other Sencha product they know the actual user numbers, given you have to register each installation....

    Some mention of future Architect here:...
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    Yes I know they aren't there - they should be. Can you add this as a feature request, thanks
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    So I can have a date picker on a form, in the same way it is used here:

    Cheers, Wayne
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    Where are the Picker components in Architect?


    I know are in the field and menu components, but they should be available to place...
  21. Yes you need to install Ruby in Windows - link to download provided in documentation....
  22. Hi Arron, are you still there? You're missing from here now:

    I hope this wasn't your last post ever? Everything going OK?

    Is it time to be afraid for the...
  23. As far as I know the Architect authorisation process is linked to the unique forum id, which is linked to a particular major version of Architect you purchased (or upgraded to if support sub is...
  24. Marc,

    In this and the other thread you refer to 'license renewal' costs? The Sencha Complete license itself does not expire. You can keep using it forever with no ongoing costs.

    IF however you...
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    The original package has survives many ASP.NET MVC updates without problems or changes required. Currently on MVC 5.2.2 here without issue.

    I don't think ExtJS 5.x changed the Direct spec in any...
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