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  1. I'm using Ubuntu and Chrome, change logger to false works for me, the build was smooth and have no error at all. I don't have Safari install on my laptop.
  2. It works for me as well, Thanks very much guys.
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    now I'm using toolbar with forward buttons as my implementation.
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    I want to implement breadcrumbs feature as well, but this thread seems dead. No one popup to answer your question. :-(
  5. Sorry, after reading the notes, I found,

    Charting will now be part of the standard Touch release, though it will carry a watermark in the GPL version. Touch Charts received a major rewrite and...
  6. Man, that's touch, not touch charts, you almost got me.:)
  7. When is the GA?
  8. don't let the users wait.(:|:((
  9. Yes, is there any other way to custom the legend color instead of change it in css/SCSS?
  10. is it possible to change the axes title manually?

    I saw there is an api Ext.chart.axis.Axis.updateTitle(string), how could I get the instance of the axes to update the title dynamically?
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    event it's an old thread, but thanks very much, Tim.
    very good explanation, now my confusion is gone
  12. It seems this is an old thread, but I'm looking for the same solution, any help will appriciate.
  13. Sorry, I post the question in a wrong place, what I want to know whether the mouse-over tooltip available on sencha touch charts or not.

    I will move my question to touch chart forums.

    Thanks a...
  14. Thanks for your proactive response, currently we are evaluating the sencha touch and touch charts on our ongoing project. can we know when is the next major release?
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    any luck? have you solve your complex model problem? I need to design a similar model and wondering how to.
  16. Hi Expert

    I want to show the iteminfo in a panel when user tab on the line item, but the iteminfo interaction seems doesn't work on line chart. can someone help me out? Any suggestion will...
  17. is it now available?
  18. is there an example to integration sencha touch 2 with touch-chart 1 commercial version or beta version?
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