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  1. Looks better now. +1
  2. I used ripple and my device to confirm that my view looks perfect on Chrome and iPad, but is being cutoff on iPhone. I'm designing this to only work with iPhone right now, so that's where my focus...
  3. Thank you. I would be interested in a COMPASS and SASS tutorial to go from here.
  4. Also, I was surprised to find a blue button when I added a button and set the ui to "action"; however, when I changed the ui to "forward" it reverted to grey like the rest of the toolbar.
  5. Hi Mitchell,

    I double checked, and yes I do have sencha-touch.css from the latest release. I went ahead and linked apple.css as well but I'm still not having any luck.
  6. I seem to be referencing everything as I should be, but my application looks extremely basic, except for the select input. For some reason that's styled on my iPhone and Safari. The index and my only...
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    After a bit of digging it looks like Touch and Ext 4 are fundamentally the same. I think what I really need is a book I can purchase on Amazon/Safari Books/etc
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    Hello! Spurned by a senior design project, I am finally realizing my aspirations and pursuing mobile development. I currently work as a Software Engineer with .NET and various web technologies and I...
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