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  1. That's a really important question for me too. So it would be very nice, if someone of the Sencha Team could response to that question!
  2. I've tried my previous post. My draggable item now is a droppable target itself. But here is the next problem. The drop event is fired twice. Once from the newly dropped target (which is ok), and...
  3. So to make a kind drop and replace scenario, I've to make the "to be replaced" item, droppable itself? Am I correct?

    The Droppable fires at the moment a draggable is dropped at the droppable. So...
  4. Hi Guys,

    I'm working on a Drag and Drop Grid. I'm using den Ext.ux.util.Droppable from kostysh.

    At the moment I have two horizontal panels. In the left panel (source) there are 3 panel, which...
  5. is there a workaround for this problem? while waiting on a new release?

    I have a store with items. When I delete one of those items. It appears to be deleted from the store. As long I don't clear...
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    So once again.

    I've found a workaround for my array problem.

    I use an array of serialized objects, so they appear as string and not as object. Then the sync process is working!
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    So definitely the sync process works, when using set('field', data). The data is also present after doing a complete browser refresh and deleting the cache.

    I think, my problem is, when syncing an...
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    yes my code ends with that:

    When you update a record, to you also get following lines in the console?

    INFO: SyncProxy.getUpdates: Get updates from CSV: b1-77114508-81, b2-77122703,...
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    this is a mixture of the original code and the code, you suggested

    I've looked into your code link. What does store.broadcast() do? When using the sync method from the link, i get following...
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    Thanks for your response,

    setData() was kind of a leftover ;)

    Changing the data, saving and afterwards pressing Ctrl F5, the changed data is still here. Clearing the chrome cache and...
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    Hi NiNIX,

    i do both things

    var store = Ext.getStore('processgrid');
    processgrid = Ext.create('WischWeb.model.ProcessGrid');
    processgrid.set('createDate', new...
  12. the class Ext.util.Droppable of st 2.2.1 still has some bugs, as also in the bug section of this forum reported.

    I've seen the source code. I think I will keep using your library, as long sencha...
  13. Thanks Kostysh for your showcase.

    Do you have an example how to use the official droppable class successfully?
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    That's a really good question. Drag and Drop is really a must have in mobile development for tablets and smartphones... I hope Sencha is soon able to accomplish this.
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    Hi Benjamin,

    I've encountered the same problems. Adding new records to the cloud works fine, but when updating existing records, they will only be updated in localstorage and not transported to...
  16. Hi everyone!

    I've built a st 2.2.1 app with the latest sencha io. I'm using the syncstorage proxy. When I'm working on the desktop pc, the app works fine. I'm able to login to the sencha cloud and...
  17. Hi Sencha Team,

    is there any timetable, when this will be fixed? I would really need the saving functionality of nested models in local storage. I think the local storage works like the...
  18. To make my post a little bit clearer: I want to accomplish something like that:

    i don't want to mix jquery with sencha touch,...
  19. Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to have a sort of expandable List. When I tap on an item, usually the detailcard is replacing the list. I want to show the detailcard or simple a container, below the tapped...
  20. Unfortunately not. I managed to get the examples with the sync proxy working, but not my project. I will give the hint with the store and the proxy a try.
  21. Does work with sencha touch 2.1.1?
  22. Hi everyone,

    yesterday I downloaded the sencha io sdk and tried to get it running. I followed the instructions in the docs. But the chrome console always throws following error:

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    Thanks! The advice to look at the showcases was really good. In the Ux.locale.Manager showcase I found the solution to my problem!
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    How can I set urls.users in your example?

    MyApp.Config.getUrls().users doesn't work of course..

    Sorry for kidnapping your thread :)
  25. nobody an idea? :-/
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