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  1. I tried that too, but it doesnt fully update the colum headers (I updated my fiddle).
    grid.reconfigure(); properly hides the collumns, but doesnt update the header
  2. I'm have a grid that has multiple views that the user can cycle through. The grid has a large number of grouped headers that get hidden/shown depending on the view.

    It works when calling...
  3. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2

    Component.setVisible() has no effect when component is not rendered yet

    Steps to reproduce the problem:
    Create Grid Cycle through columns and...
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    Does anyone have graceful suggestions on how to implement Keymap in the sencha app MCV architecture? Ideally I would just have a controller action event fire. Right now I just do:

  5. Hmmm I see...
    I modified my override to duplicate the store instead if the custom config 'instantiateStore' is set.
    This way the preview still works in architect. Can anyone think of a cleaner...
  6. I have a lot of grids that are created dynamically, so they all need their own store instance. Right now I solved this with the following override:

    Ext.define('ECL.override.grid.Panel', {
  7. Posted a temporary solution in the other topic:
  8. Here's an override to get the desired behavior:

    Ext.define('ECL.override.form.field.ComboBox', {
    override: 'Ext.form.field.ComboBox',

    // private
    assertValue: function() {
  9. Ah thanks...
    Hope it gets fixed soon!
  10. Hi all,

    For some reason all my stores that use a model with a DirectProxy give the nice red exclamation mark in Architect with the following error:
    'Cannot read property 'directCfg' of...
  11. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 31.0.1650.63

    When the ownerHeaderCt for the column already exists, but it has not been rendered yet this...
  12. I solved this by setting triggerEvent to none as I only want to edit items after clicking on edit in a context menu.

    In architect this can be solved with:

  13. I think I'm still experiencing the same issue, even though I defined the app the normal way (by sencha architect)

    //@require @packageOverrides
    enabled: true,
  14. I have a custom object parameter with the following content

    'list': {
    regex: /^([a-z-\/]+)$/,
    controller: 'clients',
    action: 'index'

    'details': {
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    Buffered grid breaks a ton of functionality. Basically every function that uses will no longer work since this is a pagemap instead of a mixedcollection when buffered = true.

    I agree...
  16. I think I also found a bug regarding grouping:


    data : Ext.util.MixedCollection/
    When this Store is not buffered, the data property is a MixedCollection...
  17. Ext.String.repeat('0', -1);

    Causes my chrome browser window to crash ("aw... snap"). Although it doesn't make sense to run this it probably shouldn't make the browser crash :)
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    I'd like to know the same thing...
  19. Awesome!
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    Ik was vorige keer verhinderd maar ben zeker geïnteresseerd!
  21. 1- feel free to write it (and if you bothered to look, its documented somewhat inline)
    2 - seems your the one with the Persion alphabet, wat did you try to solve it so far?
  22. damm you attachments!

  23. I made some modifications to the CSS, only checked with chrome though, if you like it feel free to include them in "the official" release.

    Zip: 26436

    Before: (26434)...
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    Jup this one is a must have for EXT4!
  25. Was wondering the same thing. Previously they announced it would be released mid/late may.

    Also, can we get a preview on the files it will generate so I can keep that in mind while generating my...
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