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  1. Same error here with ExtJS 4.2. Trees are a pain to work if you not follow his default structure!
  2. Ok, will try expand(). Thanks!
  3. Ok, apply is not the best word. I mean, how can i check if the combobox loaded with success the values from the Store?

    Visually I can click in the combo and see the list, but how about it in the...
  4. I'm trying to write a QUnit test for a custom ComboBox implementation, in this test I need to validate if my custom store creation was able to populate correctly my combobox.

    So, is there some way...
  5. Would be nice if at least the docs of the Controller class alerts to use the full class name as id in the listen.
  6. Here we are working with a grid-form model. First the user is presented with a paginated grid of the existing records and can add a new record through a form window.

    Let's say I have a store of...
  7. A quick test with a numberfield show's that this is allowing the insertion of more than one decimal separator (e.g. 15.00.00).

    This is a bug or I missed some option?
  8. I see now. Yes, makes sense, thanks!
  9. Hi Steve, me again :-)

    So I created the "-all.min.js" with all my dependencies. Considering that I defined this class in src\ux, how can I properly declare this requirement? I've tried:

  10. It really helps indeed! Thanks for the quick response.

    The *-all.js seems a good option for my dependencies.
  11. Hi Jason, one more that I simulate with this project: if you already have this project opened and click in File > Open Project, it will stay forever in the "Loading app" mask.
  12. There are some missing dependencies in this project, so I'm attaching his updated version.
  13. I've made the changes and imported the new aux with success, but my components didn't appeared.

    I looked in the logs and it reveals the cause:

    Shouldn't the process pick up the newer...
  14. Hi Steve. My goal with this is to create a container with a default number of elements:
    - textfield for the id column
    - textfield for the description column
    - button for a "list of values"
  15. I'm looking at the code of the application, but full and not a single function. I didn't noticed this in other files.

    I'm using Win 7 x64.
  16. This error is happening when I try to see the Design of a Window (As0070) that have a form with a user extension.

    I've attached the project for analysis.
  17. I'm trying to load this definition in a custom user extension, but with no success. I'm suspecting of the type "object". Here's the definition:

    "classAlias": "widget.lookupcontainer",
  18. I would be nice to have an option to uninstall some user extension (or override), right now I'm deleting the package folder.
  19. Hi Jason, project is attached in the message.

    I also noticed that the first time I open Architect and open this project I get the message "Unsupported sub component type: basicfunction". If I...
  20. Replies
    I noticed that this is not possible in 2.x too, but any chance to being able to set mixins in the application? This is possible in manual code and as far as I tested, works great.
  21. Just opened an Architect 2.x project. The first time it complained about some errors, but when you save and open again this is gone.

    I have an application with some customized methods, so it's a...
  22. Easy one, thanks! I struggled a little with the definition file, but it's working.

    Also had to remember the requires in the application to load the component.

    This feature will really simplify...
  23. I'm following the docs to create a user extension. In the packaging step it says:

    But how can I install the extension as zip? Architect filters "Sencha Architect Files" in the "Install User...
  24. I tested the ext-lang-pt_BR.js and it seems that the default date format is not applied to date columns in grid. An workaround that I've found was to override the Ext.grid.column.Date directly:

  25. Hi Alexandre, thanks for replying.

    It indeed solved the issue with the text. The interesting is that the documentation says that Treepicker uses the default of the TreePanel:

    Defaults to the...
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