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  1. Hi,

    I load javascript file dynamically. The file is a extjs function. It builds a form.
    I would like to build the form just after loading.

    I use Ext.Updater.update to update my div. I...
  2. That's great. It's work. The datastore is loaded and the content of the accordion change but ONLY when I resize it.

    1./ So when I load the web page, the accordion menu is empty.
    2./ When I...
  3. Hello,

    In my form I have
    - 2 radio button : "program" and "now"
    - 3 text fields : date, hour and min

    By default, the "now" field is selected and the 3 text field are enabled.
  4. It's great, I just copy and past your fix before Ext.onReady function and it's work.

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Radio, {
    onClick : function(){
    if(this.el.dom.checked != this.checked){
  5. Oki, thanks. I finally found.

    So it is :

    view.filter('MType',new RegExp("["+nivLog()+"]","i"));
  6. Hi,

    The second argument of filter method of JsonView accept a regular expression. The regular expression is not a string. It is not between quote.

    Example :

    pattern = /['0'|'1']/; //or...
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    With a data store, it 's possible to filter. The second parameter of filterby is a function. This function receive 2 arguments : the record and the id. So it's easy with the record to select...
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    Hi Eldavide,

    I am not going to help but are you find documentation about JsonView ?
    I couldn't find in the API 1.1
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    When I disable a combobox with disabled:true config option , the arrows are always truncate.

    So I think it's a bug...
    With Firefox2, it's ok but not with Internet Explorer 6.
  10. Hi

    When the combobox are disabled, Internet Explorer 6 truncate arrows of combobox.

    The disabled combobox :

    The enabled combobox :
  11. Dynamic accordion


    I would like to generate a dynamic accordion but I don't know how I can do.

    At this moment :
    1./ I build tree html
    2./ I read with DOM javascript function
  12. me too, I retrieve data from xml file but I have trouble to put into my combo box

    js file :

    var ds_type = new{
    proxy: new{
    url: xmlfile.php
  13. I created a new thread at 2:35pm. Then 3 minutes later !!!! you reply to me.
    whaaaou ... Good performance ... =D>

    and your answer work with IE ....

    it's incredible...

    hendricd, thank...
  14. I have trouble with IE6 with a simple window. It work very well with Firefox.

    I get the folowing error with IE6 :

    My JS file : hello.js


    var item = new...
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    ok, so I create a panel in a panel
    In the parent panel, i fixed the height.

    It display nothing. Do i make a mistake ?

    javascript file

    new Ext.Panel({
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    Ok, thank you.

    I could see the menu but
    - it always without border
    - the menu take full height of the display.

    The Viewport cannot be rendered to any container other than document.body....
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    Hi everybody

    I get a accordion but without border.
    I tried with the example of :
    and I added
    - "renderTo: document.body"
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