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  1. The "evalTpl" method of the Ext.util.XTemplateCompiler leaks the "$" global (which overwrites jQuery on the page, which is pretty bad) when sources are minified.

    The code

    evalTpl: function...
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    @revuze Check Robo: - undo/redo framework specifically for ExtJS data stores.
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    Check Robo: - it was created specifically for undo/redo functionality in ExtJS data stores. Currently supports Ext5,6 only though.
  4. Steps to reproduce:

    1) Go to any page with the ExtJS 6.0.1 loaded
    2) Run the following commands in the console:

    var treeStore = new{ fields : [ 'id' ], root : { expanded...
  5. From our experience at Bryntum (5 products, tested nightly in all browsers and several times during the day in Chrome only), only testing in real browsers gives you real assurance your code works....
  6. To reproduce:

    1) Open any example in Chrome, for example: /ext-5.1.0-107/build/examples/feed-viewer/feed-viewer.html
    2) Open dev tools and enable touch events simulation in it ("Toggle device...
  7. Guess its already fixed then, great!
  8. Some DOM events are not fired on Ext.Element instances, notably, "transitionend".

    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Open any 5.1.0 example, for instance "calendar": /examples/calendar/
    2) Pick any DOM...
  9. Historically, "/ext-all-debug.js" is expected to give you full ("all") ExtJS on the page. Now, that contract has moved to the "build/ext-all-debug.js" and contract of "/ext-all-debug.js" has changed....
  10. UPDATE: It works correctly when using "build/ext-all-debug.js" instead of just "ext-all-debug.js"
  11. The tree store loading process in 5.x seems to be 2.5 - 3 times slower than in 4.2.2.

    Please check this fiddle:

    1) Run it using Ext 5.0.1, typical load...
  12. You can use Siesta, which has a special optimized layer for ExtJS and created by Bryntum (company selling ExtJS/Touch components for several years already):
  13. Any news? Would be great to see this bug fixed in the nearest release, as it breaks very basic sanity assumptions in our testing environment..
  14. How to reproduce:

    1) Open this test case:

    Should be pretty self-explanatory, I'll explain one more time for clarity. What we do in the test, we expand the...
  15. Am I missing something or trees are always forced to buffered renderer, even if its disabled by user?
  16. To reproduce, save this snippet to some file (change the urls of the 1st group to point to a 5.0.1 copy which resides locally on your machine), then open it. You will see "Race condition" in the...
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    The situation is as follows.

    In Siesta we have "click" method, which simulate user clicks. At the "raw" browser level we always simulate "click" events.

    But, for the ExtJS layer, we use...
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    I see.. Anyway, using the mix of "translated" and "normal" events makes it very hard to correctly simulate click on such checkbox. Any chance checkbox component can be written w/o that "translate :...
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    I mean why not to use regular

    <input role="checkbox" type="checkbox" ....>

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    What is the reasoning for the checkbox to have the following markup?

    <input role="checkbox" type="button" ....>

    With this markup, the state of the checkbox is not stored anywhere in...
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    Shouldn't the "interested parties" just "observe" the model instance? Essentially, what is an entry in the "stores" array? Just a different form of listener.
  22. This scenario should definitely just work.

    Ext.define('Sch.model.Resource', {
    extend : ''

    Ext.define('Resource', {
    extend : 'Sch.model.Resource'
  23. Any updates? Still not fixed in 4.2.2. This bug breaks drag and drop of nodes in tree in one of our customers system.
  24. I'll try to provide one next week.
  25. Hi,

    We've found few obvious issues with buffered renderer plugin, they causes bugs under certain conditions:

    1) Ext.view.Table sources:

    collectData: function(records, startIndex) {
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