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  1. Hi, I need to digg this thread up, anybody has any solution to this issue/bug? Problem occurs when u have grid that has dynamic amount of rows (in order what kind of data are loaded) so u can have 30...
  2. Hi everybody!

    I have similar problem, but additionally I have some different strings as values eg. [0, 100, -, 123.045, no data, no data, 980]. So I need to sort it like this: 980 > 123.045 > 100...
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    I have the same problem with paging toolbar. When I load 500 records with 50 on page (so there are 10 pages) it creates list of 50 records and all default store methods works only with this 50...
  4. Ok, anyway thx for help and suggestions! :-)
  5. Exactly! Ok, but is there any method that will select all Ext.Components with specified class? :) Because this is my main question, if there is no possibility to do that, I will get them by ids...
  6. Yes, for test I added id property to the Ext.button element:

    id: 'submit_button_id',
    cls: 'submit_button',
    text: '<b>Button Text</b>',
    formBind: true,
    scope: this,
  7. Thx for suggestions and help! In this case DOM button has no 'submit_button' class because I create Ext.Button components so DOM button element is encapsulated in the Ext.component container (If I...
  8. The same... throws " is not a function", ok, maybe this will help: inside the submit button (that also has 'submit_button' class) handler I can disable this button but...
  9. Hi,

    I have problems with selecting button elements by class using

    What I want is: after submit form disable all buttons with specified class. I create this button elements like:
  10. Thx alexaung! it work's for me in this way too :) but there is problem with function setMaxValue and error occurs:

    Condor: also thx for help! :)
  11. Thx, but problem is that when I add xtype: 'xdatetime' to the daterange fields, validation stops work. Even when I put code from this example and add 'xdatetime' xtype, it stops work... I use Ext...
  12. Any ideas? :]
  13. Hi,

    Is it possible to combine somehow DateTime xtype with DateRange vtype? I mean, is it possible to set vtype to 'daterange' in DateTime field? DateRange vtype use startDateField and endDateField...
  14. Ok, I added content to north region but it nothing change

    Now it's commented, so do just... nothing but I was trying to add some extra CSS to eliminate this space, but this failed. Interesting...
  15. Any ideas? :S
  16. VIEWPORT = new Ext.Viewport({
    layout: 'border',
    items: [
    new Ext.BoxComponent({
    region: 'north'
    ,height: 30
    }), {...
  17. Hi,

    I have problem with rendering TabPanel in Border Layout under IE. In IE 8.0 there is additional empty title bar (or sth that looks like) over the tabs, under IE 7.0 it's better - no empty...
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    ok, I figured out what was wrong... the main cause of incorrect rendering was unable to calculate width and height of component container (tabPanel in this case) by the new panel, so I save tabPanel...
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    Thanks for Your tips, I'm starting to understand what I'm doing wrong...

    Yep, but actually I'm including grid into the tabpanel (tabpanel is already rendered in the viewport). So the grid should...
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    Ok, so maybe it's wrong way... in the center region I render TabPanel (1 tab with id: 'tab1') so I have div with id 'tab1', in the west panel I render some kind of menu (just button with handler,...
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    I'm using ExtJS 3.2.1 and I render (by 'renderTo' option) this viewport 'onReady' event.
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    I've found no matches for this issue. I have one main viewport in my app, which is rendering on loading, next I want to dynamic load content e.g in the 'center' region (after click etc.), and...
  23. ext-3.2.1 and I don't use frames or iframes, I just load content(HTML + JS) using ajax. I'm using FireFox 3.6

    Div with id="dr" exists for sure, but even when I change id to sth like...
  24. ok, I have sth, in function onRender():

    ext-all-debug.js - line 9996:

    ct.dom.insertBefore(this.el.dom, position);error:

    ct is nullwhat is 'ct' ? what cause the problem?

    My Ext code I use...
  25. Hi,

    I'm using jQuery and few other JS libraries, also ExtJS with jQ adapter. JS files are included in <head> section and ExtJS code is loading as ajax request result(full html code + js). I...
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