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    You have to override the selectfield to to change the options value. I guess that the selectfield is using a store even if you set static data. So you would have to update the store's data or update...
  2. Ok everything works fine, when I'm outside the office ;-)
  3. No I get the GPS failure message about 5sec after I tapped on the counter to start tracking. The app wasn't locked and it has access to the GPS sensor.
  4. Hi,

    I just downloaded your app with my iPhone 5s running iOS 7.1.
    If I start tracking I get an "GPS Failure" popup. Also I noticed that the music stops, if the app is "running" in background.
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    Have you watched Jackys FastBook session?
  6. You've just to add the credentials to the store and sync the store after that.
    Have a look into the docs:!/api/

    But I think it's...
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    Here's another awesome accordion plugin:
  8. Is there no more way to create a clickevent throug a callback function, which is not blocked by the popup blocker?

    Here's a faster way to open the demo app:...
  9. Hi,

    I'm using the ux.util.Link helper to open a link in a new window, which creates a <a> tag and dispatches a click event in the background. This bypasses the popup blockers of iOS for example,...
  10. @Surykat Thanks so much for this fix
  11. I've created another test app with the 2.3b and it's fixed!

    Thx and greetings from the SenchaCon
  12. Do you mean the rotating just isn't smooth like this: Rotating not smooth.png
    The second pic in the middle shows the img before resizing to new...
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    There was the same question some posts earlier and Mitchell replied:

    I don't use a store for my selectfields, thats why I use this override. Not sure if this is perfect, but it works for me...
  14. Really nice, good job! :)
  15. I had the chance to test this bug on a second device (iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.3) at the weekend. It's definitely reproducible.

    I created a demo app for live testing:...
  16. Thanks for sharing, this is an awesome and elegant idea!

    I'm working on a ST app, that exists since ST1 and isn't still 100% MVC; that's why I had my own simple history for my back button. It's...
  17. I have updated my first thread and used your bug template. Hope this helps to reproduce my problem...
  18. I generated a second test app with ST 2.2 and have the same problems.

    You can download it here:

    There's a short video, too, which shows...
    Ext version tested:

    ST 2.2

    Browser versions tested against:

    mobile Safari

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  20. I have the same problems with my app using ST 2.1 on an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1.

    I'm getting a timeout error before the app loads completly. At the moment I don't use the ST build process and...
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    Yeah you're right, every list row has a button. I'm not sure how much this slows the component down, but for really long lists it's definitly a problem, good point!

    The buttons in the bottom...
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    Thanks for sharing, looks very nice!

    Hopefully I find time to play around with it.
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    I think there's a very simular plugin, maybe someone needs an alternative which works on small screens, too:
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    This is a known issue:

    I fixed that and Mitchell merged it today, so the issue could be closed.

    Also I extended the translation...
  25. There are at least 2 accordion like components, one which uses a TreeStore:

    Maybe this is a good starting point for you to custumize it...
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