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    Very NICE ! THANKS
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    I done ajax too but he don't add the cookie but I do it now over the URL and send it manual as GET
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    Hey Guys,

    I have a little problem, I have a backend(Zend) and a frontend(ExtJs4) and my backend send me a cookie with the header: Set-Cookie but my client/browser not add this cookie.

    When I do...
  4. Hey Guys I found a second solution to solve this problem you can set in your backend-api several Headers like this:

    $this->getResponse()->setHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Origin", "*");...
  5. oh THX! I try it :)
  6. Heyhey,

    I have a little Problem I want to connect to a backend on a server but I can't when I send a login POST I get the Request: OPTION and the information (canceled)

  7. Oh very nicq thx a lot :)
  8. the solution is in the BugFixForum
  9. Ok nice I get it on line 23989 is the Problem in the "buildUrl: function() {}" when you change the id = record.getId() the bug is fixed :)

    Thanks for the help :)
  10. Oh ok I replace it but it don't work, in which line do you change the code ??

    Hmm I still get the same Error after changing :(
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    You have to give your view an alias or an xtype

    Ext.define('mtApp.view.Main', { extend : 'Ext.Container', xtype: "mainview", or alias: "widget.mainview", config : { ...
  12. Heyhey,

    My Store+ Proxy:

    Ext.define("", { extend: "",
    config: {
    model: "FeeTrackTouch.model.Activity",
  13. HI,

    i get an Json Array as Request Payload like this
  14. Hi there,

    I have a litte problem :)

    Here my Controller

    Ext.define("FeeTrack.controller.User", {extend: "",
    models: [
  15. Hi,

    Ihave programming an application for offline, onlinesynchronization.
    Itruns just over a DataStore, I add records, when I am offline, whenI'm online and I press the „refreseh-button“ then the...
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