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  1. If anyMatch=false, the match is "anchored" to the beginning of the line ('^' operator) but it should also be anchored the end of the line ('$' operator). This makes sense since anyMatch=true means...
  2. Index: CSS.js
    --- CSS.js (ext-3.0-rc2)
    +++ CSS.js (working copy)
    @@ -94,6 +94,15 @@
    var ssRules = ss.cssRules ||...
  3. The files DomQuery.js, Fx.js and JSON.js have wrong paths in ext.jsb. See attached patch.
  4. I'm having the same issue using ext-3.0-rc2. I've applied the following patch:

    Index: ext-base-event.js
  5. I just read this review on whereyougonnabe Facebook app. I haven't tried it yet but it seems an Ext application.
  6. Steps to reproduce it (using Firebug console):

    var c = new Ext.util.MixedCollection();
    c.add( {v: 1} );
    c.add( {v: 2} );
    console.assert( c.findIndex("v", 2) == 1 );
    c.insert( 0, {v: 20}...
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    Thanks for your feedback. Some comments:
    - I will try your optimization tip.
    - You could get intellisense and compile-time checking using AspView. I have not tried it in combination with my helper,...
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    Check out
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    Thanks for this plugin.

    I'm using a GroupingView with startCollapsed:true, so I added the following code just before the end of onTriggerSearch:

    // Give immediate feedback of rows...
  10. Remember to use the class .ext-ie for specific IE tweaks. For example:

    .ext-ie .x-toolbar { position: static; }
  11. The plugin works (though it's not the panacea, I welcome every constructive suggestion)... but the example didn't. As myself remarked above, singleSelect option must be false, but I uploaded a wrong...
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    Yes, it's as simple as you put it: merging different namespaces to one.

    The benefits are the same of the C# using directive (see link above) or import in Java and Python, or similar constructs in...
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    As a C# developer, I'm accustomed to the using directive that brings types from other namespaces to the current scope, so I came up with a handy function for my Ext projects to emulate "using" at...
  14. Hi,

    This plugin allows you to toggle the collapsible status of a panel using a pin/unpin tool. This can be specially useful in an accordion layout, where by default only one panel can be expanded...
  15. Hi,
    This plugin allows you to select all items of a group using a checkbox in the group header.

    The grid must use a GroupingView and a selection model with singleSelect=false. Usage in...
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