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  1. I am able to see the below classes used when I do an inspect element.

    x-panel-header x-docked x-panel-header-default-framed x-horizontal x-panel-header-horizontal...
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    Hi ,

    I need the header color of the selected panel(currently expanded mode) to be changed dynamically.
    Can u suggest how to achieve this?
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    I am creating a panel dynamically and adding it to accordion layout.

    ==>How to add an image to this dynamic panel header?

    Piece of code:
    for(var i =0; i< 5; i++)
  4. Hi , Actually I am very new to ExtJS. Can U plz check the below code what the changes exactly I need?
    xtype : 'label',
    id: 'notificationIcon1',
    html :...
  5. No it does not work. The first item of accordion layout is expanded bydefault
  6. I want to collapse all the panels in the accordion by default. For me first panel always active.
    Guys please suggest how to fix the problem? PFB the screenshot for better understanding.

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    Hi ,

    I need a label Count to appear on an image. As shown in above picture, I need the notification count to appear on Notification icon. Can I achieve this using EXTJS Component?

  8. Can anybody suggest how to add items dynamically to an accordion Panel?

    Here I have added 3 static form panels to the Accordian Panel. But I need the same to happen dynamically.

    PFB the...
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    Can we fetch dynamic message history from DB and show it using any EXTJS Component as shown above?

    I believe we can use GRID , but again I have a question in my mind i.e. how to swap...
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    Can anybody suggest how to achieve dynamic notifications as shown in above image using EXTJS?

    Incoming Notification messages are dynamic and needs to be changed in frequent intervals....
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    How to create a notification/alert using EXTJS? For example the notification present in facebook/email incoming message counts in inbox. (Auto Refresh is required without any page refresh)

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    How to Send a mail with some attachments on click of a button?
    For mail I have a textfield to enter and for attachment I have a filefield.
  13. How to deploy a project (EXTJS MVC ) in JBOSS Portal server?Projects following "EXTJS MVC" works fine when run on Tomcat server. Again I able to run in Portal server when using EXTJS without MVC...
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