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  1. Well the problem is a little bit complex,
    the example outside extjs app is working correctly in every browser,
    but when i plug it inside an extjs panel, this is what happens,
    firefox version is 31...
  2. Hi,
    lately i wanted to have some effects when loading a grid full of images and textual content
    so i created a panel and put some html content inside with isotope and mustache,
    now in chrome...
  3. Thanks,
    i thought that the sintax was the same.
  4. Yesterday i lost a few hours,
    i tried some examples of vbox layouts directly using the compiler wrapped in the sencha docs
    and everything was fine, i created a panel vbox with two items inside, ...
  5. So this command is to create a production package for mobile website : sencha app build production.
    Many thanks.
  6. I am a little bit disappointed about the docs,
    because they only speak about native packaging regarding to go in production,
    and they don't say anything about preparing the envinronment for...
  7. Hi,
    i just played a little bit with sencha touch and deploied successfully an app on adroid mobile,
    now i am puzzled about something , i know that with sencha touch i can create mobile app and...
  8. Hi,
    i sorted the problem,
    it was a bug from tomcat version 7.042,
    the NIO protocol has a feature called sendfile that doesn't work properly
    with images larger than 48kb, but this happens only in...
  9. Hi,
    recently i switched the project were i am working from
    http to https, what happens is some images in dataview randomly stop
    loading and firebug console tells me that they are corrupt
  10. How come that is not yet possible to do a simple
    remote validation to check passwords on database?
    It is a feature that nowadays is present everywhere.
  11. I found the Error,
    in the controllers i was declaring all the views using the full Path Pandora.view.TreeMenu
    which wasn't giving me any errors, but when i did the production build it broke...
  12. Hi,
    it's been a while that i am trying to let the production builds of sencha work,
    i am currently using the version 4.0.7 so i am using the old SDK.

    I am able to create the app-all and...
  13. I was reading this topic because i had a similar problem,
    i tried to use the command line sencha create like the documentation but
    it's not available any longer, but there is one point that i don't...
  14. I know that pages in extjs are created dinamically plus there are ajax calls
    but i was wondering if using some stuff that goes through the webapp and generates
    static html pages would help in the...
  15. I will give it a try, thanks.
  16. I used them in panels,
    but windows usually are not contained in other panels,
    panels can be children of other panels this is when the complex things come up,
    i am trying to create a form with...
  17. I was not speaking about a window
    but a normal panel, do i write in bad english????
  18. Hi,
    i tried to apply an image using the image-border property in css
    or applying a shadow using the box-shadow tag but i failed.
    I saw that is possible to apply the shadows using the property...
  19. Ok Mitchell,
    i was modifying the rules related to the frames
    but does it make sense to do the examples on the site using the frame
    seen that it it an outdated technology?
  20. Ok, i understood
    that the viewport cannot be used to make a layout like the one of amazon
    because it will fit into the page naturally without permitting a vertical scrolling
    so the only chance is...
  21. I see that in a lot of examples with extjs 4 it's used the parameter
    frame:true which is kind of strange because for what i read it should only be used
    when i have an outdated site, which is...
  22. Hi,
    i tried to put a dataview with images inside a viewport
    using a border layout but what happens is that the viewport keeps
    resizing the dimension of the central panel changing the way images...
  23. What do you mean by correct Scott?
    I didn't understand the meaning of this behaviour.............. :-?
  24. Ok for a strange reason which could be interesting to understand,
    if i encode the arrays in the ajax request and decode them back
    on the server the result looks consistent, no stale data!
  25. ok in the success function of the ajax request i
    do this : var obj = Ext.decode(response.responseText);

    and here i see that even if i didn't select for...
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