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  1. I need to use iframe with hidden fields in sencha app and read those fields again within the app

    Any pointers will be helpful

    Thanks in advance

  2. AjaxProxy fails to send the request with correct parameters if I use a json object with property whose value is a encoded json.

    If the json object does not contain that property, the request works...
  3. We have an application with a number of panels that are displayed well in a mobile browser.

    However the application was not designed with mobiles in mind so other parts need to re-written.

  4. I need to communicate with some server components which can provide json required by my stores as values of xml elements.

    Is it possible to wrap xml reader with a json reader?
  5. found it in sdk examples folder....sorry...thx any ways
  6. I need to understand the Ext.Application correctly and was not finding a good working example.

    Before I jump into writing one, I'd like to know if there is one such example.
  7. Is there a way to get the sencha touch app run within IE8 or any of the microsoft browsers?

    I am getting following error when trying to view the demo at ...
  8. I am rendering panels in grid cell via

    renderer: function(value, metaData, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store) {

    metaData.attr = 'id="' + id +'"';


  9. Replies
    I need to display a button with html text, however could not find an easy way

    Any pointers will greatly help...

  10. In chrome and safari, if I try to increase the text size in a button, the text is cut off from bottom margin.

    Any pointer can help..

    Will update this post if I find any solution
  11. Borwser foward button remains disabled after a brief stint of active state

    I am using history feature with tree.
  12. Replies
    I am trying to use history feature with tree, however the back browser button updates the history thereby giving a recursion.

    I am sure I am making a mistake, however is there a way where auto...
  13. it is 'editable' property duh....
  14. I want to prevent the users from typing in any text..
  15. I need to highlight strings in templates, similar to search in a browser window.

    Is there a built in fn?
  16. Found it, following config in ComboBox

  17. I need to clear the selection to allow all items to be displayed in drop down after an item is selected in ComboBox.

    I am sure I should be able to change this behaviour easily by using a config...
  18. defaultButton is the solution....

  19. I am trying field.focus in a show listener for a dialog, however the field is not getting focus.
  20. Not sure if it is even possible to have tooltip on label, however I have a requirement where tooltip is requested on a label..
  21. great, that worked perfectly, Thanks
  22. never mind, made it work using spacers
  23. I know this would be a simple setting, however I am using field set and their border keep overlapping.

    How to change the spacing between columns in column layout?
  24. I managed to get hyperlink buttons working using box and autoel, but now I need to get the extjs function called on the click event instead of hyperlink.

    Any pointer will greatly help....
  25. Is it possible to easily hook up extjs functions with on click event in buttons that look like links?
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