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    Hi there,

    I noticed that the button text ist truncated when a glyph or an icon is used and no extra width config is provided, e.g.:
    5.1.0 looks fine:...
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    Shameless self plug:
    Language: Python

    Framework: Pyramid (
    Github: pyramid_extdirect (
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    Awesome news, thank you so much for your work, I really appreciate it.
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    Hey there,

    just released another Python integration (for repoze.bfg)

    Project URL:

    PYPI: (or...
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    Nope, no stack overflow here. Actually using gridfilters and a DirectStore with paramsAsHash: true is really simple, just override the GridFilters.buildQuery() method:

    var filters = new...
  6. Hi there,

    I'm adding/removing Ext.ux.TinyMCE fields dynamically, turning a div (with a hidden textarea) into a tinymce field on demand. Now the latest version introduced a weird behavior - after I...
  7. Hi,

    I believe I found a small bug in the breadcrumbs code - Maxim assumes, that the tree data is returned with numeric IDs, so it's apparently safe to create a breadcrumb element, assign...
  8. Me neither, it wasn't a filename but part of the URL, I thought it might be a nifty idea to use paths like myhost.tld/@foo/xyz for special resources. Interestingly enough, my main controller for the...
  9. *sigh* solved.

    turned out to be a problem with a '@' in the path - remember kids, don't map static files (e.g. Alias /@resources /path/to/resources) with an '@', it will break dom manipulation of...
  10. Hi there,

    I've setup a small app using Saki's most excellent Ext.ux.UploadPanel and Ext.ux.FileUploader. Everything works just fine - except when I use a slightly different setup (i.e. use the app...
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    Hi there,

    there's a small problem with Datetime when you need to listen on valid/invalid events - the field value is not updated, since the updates are triggered in onBlur. A quick fix is to add...
  12. It sure is fragile, that's why I declared it as a hack :)

    P.S.: working on examples/chooser.js based image plugin

  13. here's a weird hack that replaces original tinMCE buttons with Ext.Button objects, it's really dirty since the buttons are added after the Window has been rendered (not to mention the use of eval)...
  14. Thanks a lot!
    To be honest, I've already figured it out by myself, took me quite a while though :)
    Btw, if I try to instantiate a "standalone" TinyMCE field using applyTo (so it's bound to an...
  15. xor, could you perhaps create a simple example and put it in a zip? I just can't get your code to work with latest extjs and tinyMCE 3.0 :(

    thanks in advance,
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