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  1. I need a Tree with checkboxes and 2 columns (this requirement will take out of the question Checkbox Tree).

    I've used a TreeGrid and I've overrided the first column render method like this :

  2. Thank you for the answer.
  3. Hello,

    I have an LiveGrid with some columns. I need to change the style to all cells in a column depending of the values in the cells.

    I can change the css style to be identical to all cell in...
  4. I have a single view which have the LiveGrid inside. The view is not called. No matter is I put another widget before or after. Don't display also a Window.alert("something");

    In a GWT application...
  5. I have a GWT application that include only a LiveGrid widget.
    When the application runs inside Eclipse everything works correctly. The same when the app is remotely debugged on TomCat.

    When ...
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