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  1. You can not write into files with js o.O
    PHPJs can only read files.
    The only way would be with ActiveX which is IE only.

    Thats because JS runs into a browser local on a users machine. If you...
  2. Phew, you don't need that to send data to a server.If you are new in web development, then you should first learn something about serverside web development.

    MySQL and PHP for Windows:...
  3. You can only read from files =/

    If you want to save data, you need a backend like php and a database e.g. mysql.
    Then you can send a request to your backend via ajax and save data in the database...
  4. Hmmm... and if you are lucky it will be fixed in version 9.2.3 in 2021 =D
  5. You could open a bug :P
  6. To be clear what happens on submit:

    The submit action will call getSubmitData on each element in the form. So the getSubmitData of a checkboxgroup looks like this.

    So it's returning null....
  7. It would be great if you could show some of your code. Your form view and how you do the Ajax stuff would be nice =D
  8. So, what your are doing is: You ask your backend with Ext.Ajax.request for the data. And it would send back something like:

    return array(
    'days' => array(1, 2, 3)

    So you are...
  9. Yap they are independent from each other. That's because they are different instances. Just imagine you have two trees and you click at one. It would fire any of the click events only for that tree...
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    Ha!! Got it! xD

    Your store or better your tree store model doesn't know the field "itemId". So if you want to write something with an itemId in it, it will ignore it. So you have to add this field...
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    var node = store.getRootNode().findChild('itemId', 123, true); //true means deep (recursive)

    Should work :x
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    Ääähm öööh... Normalerweise macht das CSS Attribut:
    outline: 0; das weg.

    Hier nochmal n Link zum Thema:
  13. grid.getView().getHeaderCt().items.getAt(2).hide()

    maybe?? xD
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    I made a singleton language class a while ago:

    It uses a xml file for the translations:
  15. Yay, everyday a good deed ^^
  16. What exactly doesn't work?

    I just can tell you that your record has no field "id_queryTree". It has the field "text" for example. And the first parameter isn't the node. It is the tree itself ^^
  17. You have to use the itemclick event on the treepanel. It will give you the clicked record. Then you can do:


    So the data in the field of the...
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    You could save the images in a store if you want. Which will be loaded while the application is launching.
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    To preload images you would need to know which images are needed. Could you explain in detail what you are doing? ^^
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    You could do it here:!/api/

    And after loading you can create your viewport =)
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    I wrote a DragDrop class for this, which extends the Ext.grid.Panel class and adds the groups for me. Basicly I extended the ddConfig with :

    ddConfig: {
    pluginId: null,
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    I "serialized" two objects for this with Ext.Object.toQueryString

    equals: function(value1, value2)
    var serializedArray1 = [],
  23. Why don't work with hashbangs and hashes? Else it would call the backend first and would display json again. o.O

    You can do it like jsduck does:!/api/Ext
  24. Yes, waitMsg will display an ugly window with a gif animated loading bar. ^^
  25. Thats not ExtJS buuut nvm xD

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^*?)$
    RewriteRule ^$ [L,R=301]

    Add this to your...
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