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    Thanks Saeter!

    I've already implemented mine.

    For those who are looking for an alternative:

    In my app I don't logout the previous tab but I automatically logged in using the credentials from...
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    Hi Ayesh,

    Have you already found a solution for this?

    I also need to have this implemented in my web app.

  3. I'm not sure if I fully understand what you meant but we're using the information in the client side using the loader listeners like:


    LoadListener loadListener = new...
  4. Is there anyone who knows whats causing this? Id like my app to work regardless whether the Compatibility is On or Off.
  5. Hello,

    I have a GXT intranet app built using GXT 2.1.1/GWT 2.0.

    My problem is in IE8 the App just hangs on the "Loading Application" Loading Panel when "IE8 Compatibility View" is not turned...
  6. I have the same problem. Have you already found the solution to this? thanks!
  7. I already figured it out! The cause was due to css overrides for the old GXT version that we were using!...Thanks a lot!!!
  8. You're right Ersmarker. I refreshed my "resources" and it worked. I'll look into what really caused the issue. Thanks a lot for the help.
  9. You got me thinking, you see I'm using GXT web desktop. It may be related to the WebDesktop imports. Will try to create the testcase from a fresh GXT project. Thanks man.
  10. I've attached a new image: scrollbars_on_tabitem3.jpg

    This is the same as the 2nd one. The scrollbars appear and this only happens in Chrome. It's weird you can't replicate it.

    Could this still...
  11. Thanks Ersmarker. Attached is the new code implementing EntryPoint. I also attached a screenshot.

    public class Admin implements EntryPoint {
    public void onModuleLoad() {
  12. I still can't get this to work. The above code does not display the scrollbars in IE or FF. I also checked the doctype and it's the one in the setup.txt.

    Does this mean, this is a GXT bug in...
  13. I thought I already solved this by setting the tab item's size: setSize("100", "100"). But the issue still persists when I resize the window.
  14. Hello guys,

    Hope someone will help me out with this one. Been trying to debug this for months now to no avail. This only happens in Chrome. I'm using the GXT desktop. A shortcut will launch a...
  15. I just added a template without even setting the height and it worked:

    private native String getTemplate() /*-{
    return [
    '<tpl for=".">',
  16. Hi Sven,

    i Really hate to say this. But I don't have an idea how to do just that. I'm not that familiar with using templates. Can you point me to an example on how to do just that?

    Thank you
  17. Hello,

    I really hope someone could help me out on this one. Been trying to figure this out for 3 days now.

    I want to insert an empty value to a combo box drop down list. I did this by adding a...
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    Hi thejoker101,

    I'd like to know if you've found a solution to this? I'm facing the same scenario. I hope you could help me out.

  19. Hi Sven,

    Here's my extension to BasePagingLoadResult (without a no-arg constructor):

    public class TestBasePagingLoadResult<Data> extends BasePagingLoadResult<Data> implements Serializable {...
  20. I tried extending BasePagingLoadResult, but I received SerializationException.

    I added a no-arg constructor but I could not explicitly call BasePagingLoadResult's default no-arg constructor...
  21. Okay. Thanks Sven.
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    You can do your sorting in the server.

    On BeforeLoad prepare your load config object. Set the sort info like sort field and sort dir.

    When you get hold of the data in the server, sort it using...
  23. Hello,

    I hope someone can help me out on this.

    I've implemented a remote search using Paging and it works fine.

    However, I have a requirement wherein I would need to pass an information back...
  24. Thanks Sven!

    And I guess..I'd need to override BufferView too to render the rows as selected as they are rendered into view?
  25. Is there a way to make CheckBoxSelectionModel select/deselect only the rendered rows like the buffered view?

    I have a buffered grid with 6000 rows and a CheckBox selection. It takes some time to...
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