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  1. Just wanted to bump this, since this bug is still present in PR 3, thanks ~o)
  2. This example doesn't work for me with preview 3, using the fix from earlier in this thread it works well:

    Ext.define("MyModel", {
    extend: "",
    fields: [
    { name:...
  3. Is it supposed to work in DP 3 from Dec. 9th? Because it's still broken in that release. Can we expect it to work in the 2.0 beta/final release?
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    It would be helpful if we didn't have to ask in a forum regarding the status, but could look at a public bug tracker to see the outstanding critical issues that need to be resolved before the beta...
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    Hi, do you have an updated ETA for the 4.1 beta release? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your attention won rhee :)

    I resolved the problem using one map (once created), so I don't need destroy and create other map with other values. I only change the values in the used map.
  7. please delete.. wrong thread
  8. I've followed your idea to destroy the object.
    I have a button 'close', I think that is similar as your listener
    But I don't understand the parameter 'p'.

    aplica.views.detail =...
  9. Hi won rhee
    Thanks for answer 'Map not rendering correctly',
    I have the same problem, at first the map works well, but when I open the map again, I can see only a piece of map. I can't understand...
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    Someone has known how to fix it? :s
  11. Hey guys,

    I'm just thinking of adding text to each bar auf my "StackedBarChart". Is this even possible?
  12. Hey guys,

    I am quit new to ExtJS. I just started with it because of TYPO3.
    I want to add a DateField in the TYPO3 Backend to choose a month/year to specify my statistics.
    Wenn I add the...
  14. Just change Ext.BoxComponent to Ext.Component, and it will work.
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    Any updates to this code?
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    Please post your tree state code...
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    I think integrating a bug tracker with the documents could be really cool, but I don't think the documents should be their own bug tracker. Having a section of the documentation that would have a...
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    I think that @Nickname was stating that you could create a public bug tracker (such as Bugzilla) separate from your internal one. Those bugs that are validated by your team and could be imported into...
  19. The events are itemmousedown, itemmouseup, etc. See the example at It reacts to mouse events on the series.
  20. I figured out the issue. I am not sure whether it's a bug or by design, but a container with an absolute layout is not tagging its child components with position:absolute. In my real page, which...
  21. It looks like this is being caused by this code:

    label: {
    renderer: Ext.util.Format.numberRenderer('0,0')

    If you remove that custom label...
  22. I modified the example to explicitly create panel as an Ext.panel.Panel, but I'm still unable to get it to move on the second mouse click. I am able to move the panel if I call...
  23. I am working on a page where I am trying to move components which belong to a panel which has an absolute layout. It kind of works if I manipulate the component's element top/left, but as it is...
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    Agreed. I've submitted a few charting bugs and haven't received any response, and thus have no way of knowing whether to expect them to be fixed anytime soon. Charting is a big ticket item with...
  25. I am trying to adapt an old example from ExtJS 3.x for having a progress bar in a grid. It works on the initial render, but it does not resize properly. I am not sure if this is a bug with the...
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