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  1. I am facing a similar issue in ExtJS 3.4. Still searching for a solution.
  2. Hi,

    I am creating a page where I need to define multiple stores.
    I am not interested to create single file for each store. I would like to combine all the store definitions into one single file...
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    I am defining a set of common properties as a singleton object. Trying to extend this in another singleton Class. However the values of "common" object is not loaded. As per doc for "uses", it...
  4. Once you find the answer you need to post it over here so that it will be useful to others...
    Now we are looking for the answer...
  5. We faced a similar issue in 1.1.1, we gave layout:fit in list and panel.
    It worked and it didn't hide the last row of the list.
  6. The [x] is missing in the search field in iOS. But appears in Android... What is the exact problem?
  7. Set sortable:false in TabPanel. All the icons will appear properly in Android.
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    I removed
    sortable:true from tab bar, then the icons appeared fine in Android.

    When sortable is true, the icons are draggable and this causes problem in Android.
  9. You can capture the ontap event and replace, just search for it in API or some examples...
  10. You need to pass the values as parameters. "touch.html?param1=ans&param2=answer", is it what you are looking for?
  11. I need to pass the JSON data as an array. I modified the data like this and it solved my problem.

  12. Hi,

    I am getting the above error in Chrome and could not understand what is creating this problem. Can any one point me where I am doing a mistake.

    Ext.regStore("searchstr", {
  13. Just now I tried inside the listener, it is working fine...

    I am using the latest version only...

    keypress : function(){
    alert("Yes working...")
  14. Hi,

    We have a situation where we don't need to convert the timezone to the user timezone. The date's change when it gets converted, having lot of trouble with this... We can send it as string from...
  15. I am using something like this and it is working fine:

    listeners: {
    specialkey: function(field, event){
    if (event.getKey() == event.ENTER) {
  16. If it is a real issue then the development team need to look into this.
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    Hope the below code will solve your problem :)

    The loading message will appear initially, later it will be overwritten with the data you are loading.

    I am checking whether loadMsg is empty in...
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    Try CSS
  19. Atlast the below solution works better. However we need to get the loading icon till the AJAX call finishes. I need to find a way to get the icon in the combobox.

    this.colModel = new...
  20. Got it. I changed mode: 'local' to mode: 'remote', and it works fine, and it shows loading message too...

    However it reloads the data again when I click on the same cell. Can we avoid this...
  21. I added; and delete combo.lastQuery;

    It didn't load all the combo store on each row dynamically. It started loading when I clicked on the cell.

    When I clicked on the SECOND...
  22. Thanks Condor. Yes, I had opened the previous post yesterday for autoloading stores dynamically, as I didn't get any correct answer I ignored the previous logic and tried in a slightly different way....
  23. Hi,

    I am a using combobox inside the editor grid panel. I am loading remote store for this combo.

    Whenever I click combo cell on the FIRST ROW it fetches data by making remote call. When I...
  24. I tried to generate urlparams in renderer and tried to retrieve in editor, however I am unable to receive those urlparams. Any more ideas????
  25. No, not even "afterrender", even if I use those, I cant get the editor object as parameter which I need to pass values as params for the combo store url.
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