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    Old thread, but still relevant..

    I recently started using Tapatalk on my smartphone, and it really enhances the UX. Apparently supporting it is a matter of installing a vBulletin plugin. Any...
  2. I noticed that for Ext.form.TextField, the 'keypress' event doesn't fire on BACKSPACE in IE, Chrome and Safari. It does fire correctly in Firefox and Opera. For all browsers the 'keydown' and 'keyup'...
  3. Ahh, yes, of course..! :">

    This solves it. Sorry for the disturbance, and thanks for swift reply!
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3.0
    Ext 3.3.1

    Adapter used:
  5. I found a way to do this, but unfortunately it means manipulating a private member of the Panel class.

    var myPlugin = {
    init: function(parent) {
    var tbar;

  6. I am trying to create an Ext.Panel plugin that manipulates the top toolbar. If a toolbar exists, the plugin must add some stuff to it. If no toolbar exists, the plugin must create one and add it to...
  7. Are these themes working with 3.3.0?
  8. It difficult to help you in a very precise way, when you give so little detail about your problem.

    You say that you have problems "calling other js files".. Sounds like you have the init code in...
  9. It seems that the jsb2 file has changed a bit in 3.3-beta2. Now the packages that "ext-all.js" depends on can themselves depend on other packages.

    I have rewritten Saki's PHP code in the first...
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    You can also swap themes at runtime, by using Ext.util.CSS.swapStyleSheet(). Using that you can set up a combobox or buttons or whatever, that changes theme. Maybe not useful in production, but nice...
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    GNU Emacs/JSLint/FireBug is all the IDE I need for ExtJS development.
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    Ok, thanks.

    I'll check the examples page once 0.8 is out.

    I hope you will work out the licensing, so that your custom components can reach a wider audience. :)
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    That looks nice!

    I can't find any PlanChart example on the Ext4Yii examples page..

    When will it be released?

    Can the PlanChart be used stand alone, ie. in a non-Ext4Yii project?

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    Hmmm, it seems that there are still problems. I can open/close the PDFFRAME a varying number of times before it fails, typically 7-10 times. And when it fails, I have to restart Firefox to get it...
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    Please disregard this.. I just restarted my machine and now it works. Kind of disappointing that Linux has such Windowesque "restart required" behaviour. And it didn't even tell me to restart.. :-/
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    I am having some problems displaying a PDFFRAME MediaWindow on Linux. The same application works fine with various browsers under Windows Vista.

    Basically the media window is blank,...
  17. Thanks! Works like a charm. :)

    I agree that these modifier properties (shiftKey/ctrlKey/altKey) should be in the EventObject documentation. Ideally they should have getter methods like getKey(),...
  18. No community input on this?

    I'm thinking the EventObject class ought to have methods to determine which key modifiers are active. Is this viable?
  19. Dear Community,

    I'm having a hard time distinguishing between TAB and SHIFT-TAB in a 'specialkey' listener on a grid cell editor. I have tried this column config:

  20. ...and in 3.2.1 ;)
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