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    your a Genius.... simply "THE GREAT"
  2. nop. no idea, check the path of your json file
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    ya thats ok but i wanna lock one particular column, so in definition of grid i need to either declare an editor grid panel or locking grid panel. how to combine both?

    var role_grid = new...
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    i want to lock one particular column of grid, and other columns i want to have an editor
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    hi experts,

    can we combine two grid panels, for example i want to have locking grid and editor grid in one grid panel
  6. it works for me perfectly..check your table name, and other fields may be some problem with it and also check the db connection,db name etc
  7. You dont know the concepts of databse so i cant help you much,code for selecting all rows from a particular table.

    $sql_count = 'SELECT * FROM ' . $table;
    $result_count =...
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    i want the row expander grid to expand on mouse over event and not on click, is there a solution can anybody help me i tried this:

    i made some changes,it expands when mouse over but does not...
  9. case list should be in switch obviously.
    readData is used in some different functionality don't bother about it just remove it
  10. hi all, can anyone give me the link of complete code of nested grid with Row Expander grid i am stuck... i am not able to find the exact code....

    please do the helpfull..
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    hi all, can anyone give me the link of complete code of nested grid with Row Expander grid i am stuck... i am not able to find the exact code....

    please do the helpfull..
  12. changes in JS file gl_acount
    var store= new{
    proxy: new{
    url: 'gl_account_details.php' /*+ record.get('id')*/
  13. ya but u need to change the base params in store to some task like "list" and in php also u n need to add
    switch ($task) {
    case "list":
  14. that is because i have configured my php code in that way, if u want u can change it according to your requirement. in my grid the values are shown only on search. or addition of new value
  15. check all your ext file paths, give the local path of the files do not add http to it.
  16. your code works fine, i have tried it with my implementation, check the path of all files in your html and what does your firebug console show,when you load the page?
  17. look at the changes: i have included the html file also
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    post your rights store also
  19. hi all,

    i have 2 tab panels, i am having a search option in tab panel with two different forms,In that when the page is loaded the previous search s are shown in fields, its working correctly. now...
  20. document.getElementsByTagName("category_name") ?
  21. i am not getting? please help

    xtype: 'textfield',
    id: 'category_name',
    name: 'category_name',
  22. i want to get the field labels in button handler, where i want to submit them to server and use them
  23. hi,
    i want to get the field labels of all the form fields while submitting the to get the fields label?
  24. Ext.onReady(function() {
    Ext.form.Field.prototype.msgTarget = 'side';
    function handleActivate(tab) {
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    i have written a factory function to print alphabets and added togglehandler to it: i want the store to load on click of the particular albhabet, i am not getting the scope of store, how to get...
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