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    The branch of our hotfixes package has two overrides that restore the record parameter:
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    Came here looking for the same answer but realized LesJ is right -- a chained store will never work with a tree view the way trees are implemented in ExtJS right now because they rely on tracking the...
  3. The trick is using node.get('visible') instead of node.isVisible() -- get('visible) is whether it should be visible when expanded to and isVisible() is whether it currently is visible

  4. *bump*

    Looks like this issue still needs to get bagged and tagged. I put a lot of work into documenting this one for y'all, it will impede and puzzle beginning developers if they compile after...
  5. Here:
  6. Here you go:
  7. Fair enough, maybe CMD could bail early and say this if it detects a build.dir outside the workspace? Would be helpful for others upgrading a customized workflow
  8. does it too :(

    idName = proto.idProperty;
    idField = model.getField(idName);
    idType = idField.type;
  9. If you call addFields/replaceFields from a model subclass (it's marked protected, not private) that has idProperty set to something different than its prototype, replaceFields crashes on this...
  10. When implementing a custom proxy, it is often necessary to "undo" proxy.Server setting its idParam on params. Event the built-in proxy.Rest does it in 5.x and 6.x

    If you set idParam to null, the...
  11. supports a urlParams options, which allows you to set params that MUST be appended to the url. does not have a config defined for this, so because...
  12. I found why you can't reproduce it.

    Here's an unmodified app fresh from app generate -modern:

    Its Ext.Msg box has styling...
  13. I should have mentioned, this was with the latest cmd- and ext-

    I generated the app with the -modern flag
  14. The app/Application.js file generate by command uses Ext.Msg but does not require Ext.MessageBox

    This causes the message box that appears onAppUpdate to be incompletely styled
  15. modern/theme-base/sass/src/form/Panel.scss and it looks like some other themes' sources for Ext.form.Panel contain a lot of attributes for .x-field without any form scoping.

    These styles should be...
  16. I've always set${workspace.dir}/../build in my workflow to keep builds outside my workspace

    There seems to be a relatively minor path building error in Cmd v6.0.0.202 that...
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    I've forked the repo to make some updates:

    Fixed up the github pages branch too and put it online here with added demo links:...
  18. FYI I spent some support credits to learn this was opened as bug SDKTOOLS-1212 on July 6th
  19. So doing a build with just union -r -c Ext.ClassManager produces a build that loads without error and provides Ext.define, yay!...
  20. See

    Currently says:
  21. ./ext/packages/core/src is already in my classpaths and stuff from the class/ folder is already being included in the build by CMD (looks like everything but Mixin is already getting included)

  22. Manually populating the classpath param with the src/overrides folder from needed framework packages gets the build to complete successfully with a reasonable looking file list:

    sencha \...
  23. the \s indicate escapes for line breaks in a multi-line bash command, I think i'm applying the configs correctly here:...
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    I haven't been able to get standalone builds to even work in ExtJS6, see my new thread over in the Ext 6 forums:...
  25. I want to compile some code that runs on the frontend of sites (jquery style) and I'd like to skip including any toolkit.

    This reference for CMD 6 seems to indicate this usage is still supported...
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