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  1. Ah, awesome!

    Thank you for going in depth to explain the original question and adding in the other issues as well. The whole reason I'm doing the re-create-the-kitchen-sink process is to gain a...
  2. I'm trying to. I've not used sencha fiddle before so I'm not sure what I have going wrong :/

    Here's the fiddle:

    I pushed a working version of the entire...
  3. I've got a view with a ViewModel config that holds the x and y coordinates for a child panel. The child panel uses absolute positioning.

    For some reason the data in the view model will not bind...
  4. So you mean that you would use initComponent when your class depends on the initialization of another class and putting the parts of your class that use that dependency in initComponent guarantees...
  5. I've been working through the various kitchen sink examples to get a better understanding of the basics of how to use extjs.

    I was looking through the Basic Panels example and was curious about...
  6. Awesome, thanks! I'll check it out.
  7. Thanks for your reply.

    I tried adding the sim data to my launch code by adding an:

    launch: function () {
    var sim = Ext.create('');
  8. I'm rebuilding all of the kitchen sink examples for data binding to better understand how everything works. I started working on the Associations example this morning.

    I'm running into an issue...
  9. Ah! Awesome!

    I had session set to true for both the main view and the grid which is one of the child items of that main view. The new tabs that are being created are direct children of this main...
  10. Gotcha.

    Is there a way of confirming that in the Javascript console?

    I'm pretty positive that the record should exist in the session. I've enabled the session config on the grid that the button...
  11. I built a demo file mimicing the binding child session kitchen sink example.

    Similar to the kitchen sink example, when I click on the Edit button, I pass the button and create a tab using the...
  12. Perfect, thanks!!
  13. Ah! That totally makes sense!

    I can't dig into it now, but as soon as I get home I'll make the adjustment.

    Thank you very much. That clears up a lot of misunderstandings for me.
  14. Also:

  15. Here's what I'm seeing:

  16. I just tried switching the code to use record.getId() instead of It pulls the same value and gives the same error :/
  17. I'm grappling with a demo project I'm using to understand mvvm.

    Right now I have a Model that has a proxy config that pulls json data. I have a grid view who's ViewController listens to the cell...
  18. Hey MikeRH,

    I was having an issue in my code where regardless of the gridpanel row I clicked on, only the first record would be used when loading the viewmodel into the details view.

  19. Hmm,

    The only problem I still have on this is that clicking on any row in this grid always loads the first record.
  20. Awesome, thanks for pointing that out.

    Initial that made sense (of course I need to bind to the new data somehow) but I didn't know exactly how I should bind to it as (I didn't think) it was...
  21. I'm having an issue loading a reference into a ViewModel for a demo I'm working on to help learn mvvm. I'm sure the issue is stemming from my lack of understanding.

    I have a grid that shows a...
  22. For anyone who looks at this code, I was able to fix the loading.

    In my code for the ViewModel's store, I had the text `autoload` instead of `autoLoad`.
  23. Awesome, thanks for the clarification!
  24. Ah, thank you. Adding in the requires block to my viewmodel class resolved the console error:

    Ext.define('CoolPets2.view.petlist.PetListModel', {
    extend: '',
  25. I have a model that I'm trying to reference in my viewmodel.

    Here's the model:

    Ext.define('CoolPets2.model.Pets', {
    extend: '',
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