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    bt_bruno: we haven't finished the ext4 migration (since our project is pretty huge and the differences between 3 and 4 are significant), but you can use:

  2. made a slight change to this to make it more consistent with how the original function was implemented and make the whole switch configurable.

    Ext.override(Ext.form.HtmlEditor, { createLink:...
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    I love the city, but ouch, that price pretty much knocks out any hobbyists and locals hoping to attend. Yikes.
  4. yup, that one's got it.

    I think there's some space along the top that you could keep "tabs" on, a bit more like a history. It'd be a little less clean, but you could keep a collection of buttons,...
  5. I'm not seeing this unless i've somehow gotten pushed to a different documentation.

    Using ff4.0, hitting:
  6. You sorta posted it in a thread I started without specifying who it was directed at. I'm sorry for assuming that there was a connection.
  7. Uhhh, I think I did provide a suggestion: Return to something tab based that opens new documentation entries in tabs. you know, like the old way. easy.
  8. I agree with this sentiment: the new documentation itself is better as well as the namespacing. The problem is functionality: The old documentation just was so much more capable thanks to the ajax...
  9. I would like to make the suggestion that, with the 4.0 documentation, you go back to an AJAX-based documentation layout. The great advantage to that is, when you were bouncing back and forth between...
  10. what sort of issues are you seeing? i haven't run into a problem in our implementation of it.
  11. I did think the implementation of the ActionColumn was a little clunky. Using image tags as opposed to going with a span with a background hurts theming and such. I don't think I would classify this...
  12. RowActions was probably my favorite plugin/extension, but I was very happy to see the functionality rolled into primary Ext 3.3 in the form of ActionColumn. Unfortunately, it was missing a bunch of...
  13. Been coding in ExtJS for a few years now, but just recently found myself at a company who actually encourages participation with a community.

    As many of you are probably already aware, the base...
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