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  1. You might want to check your web.xml and make sure your servlet mappping is valid for your call '/SampleTree/' (using Struts framework I believe).

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    Thanks HerrB, it worked!

    But I am definitely missing something in term of basic understanding.
    I don't understand why when I use:
    it returns...
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    Thanks HerrB.
    Poor naming convention on my part, the folder is really an item, therefore I am checking if it's a child or a parent. In my tree, Folder.class is a child, and Category is a parent. I...
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    I have the following issue. When I insert a new node in my treePanel, the tree is updated in the UI, (see code snippet below)

    private TreeStore<ModelData> store = new...
  5. Thanks for your answer, but could you be more explicit?

    Could anybody please post a snippet explaining how to get the drop target node info in a treePanel?

    Thx in advance.
  6. I have been reading the doc and searching through the forum but haven't find a way to retrieve the target node after a drag and drop occurred.
    I thought the following snippet would gave me what I...
  7. I gave up on using ext-GWT for file uploading and used gwtupload instead. Works fine out of the box. See

    Hope this help, but if you find the answer please let...
  8. I figured it out.
    The order used to lay down the chart is very important. You want to start with the max area and work you way down to the min area. Doing that will prevent the max area listener to...
  9. Thanks Takayser, but it didn't work.
    I am using GWT 1.7.1 and GXT.2.0.1.

    I applied the fix suggested by micgala in the following thread...
  10. I can successfully upload a file in hosted mode using the following code. When I compile and try in web mode, it works fine in IE6 but doesn't in google chrome. The form is submitted but it never...
  11. Better to use the existing columnModel to hide the columns:
    cm.setHidden(1, true);
    cm.setHidden(2, false);
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    I have the following issue with my portal.

    Add portlets
    Save Configuration
    Delete some portlets
    Reload portlets

    When I reload the portal from a hashmap after removing all the portlets...
  13. I am trying to remove all portlets from my portal and add new ones. The remove part works fine: portal.removeAll();
    The issue occurs when I try to add a new portlet to the portal.

  14. I have the following listener working fine with a linechart but doesn't seem to fire any event for an area chart.

    //Main chart
    LineChart line = new LineChart();
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